Captivate 4 patch update

Adobe Captivate 4 patch update Adobe Captivate 4 patch is now LIVE! Today we released a patch for Adobe Captivate 4 patch. The key driver for this patch was the degradation in audio quality as reported by some of our customers. This update fixes several elements that were causing issues in the audio workflow. It also includes fixes for some other niggling concerns that were reported/ discovered post launch. The full details are below. Do note that the Captivate 4 […]

Don’t let low bandwidth stop you from wearing that genious hat!!

You make a nice captivate movie with all jazz and background audio. And there pops up a hidden glitch – end users of your captivate movie are short on bandwidth. But you, Mr. genious knows it pretty well that you have pre-loaders in Captivate to your rescue. So you go ahead and set the pre-loader percentage to 10%. This would mean that the movie will start playing when 10% of the content has loaded, with the remaining content  loading as […]

positioning your capture red area to the application boundaries

The workflow to do screen recordings has been changed in Adobe Captivate 4. The new workflow is more intuitive and user friendly. But do you sometimes feel that you are not able to position your recording area on the application exactly as you want. For example – You want to record the browser window .In the scenario below you are not able to clearly position the window since the buttons of the capture window are blocking the browser window at […]

Capturing scrollbars no more a menace

“I’m creating a demo on how to access a particular website. For distribution reasons I’m using a low res 800 X 600. This means that web pages need a lot of scrolling to navigate them. When playing back, the scrolling happens OK but then the image appears to jump back to the beginning of the scroll so that the mouse movements and text captions that follow are, although in the place they should be in relation to the viewing screen, […]

Captivate team at ASTD ICE

The Captivate team will be at ASTD ICE next week. Both the Product Management and Engineering teams will be at the Adobe booth on all 3 days. If you would like to have a detailed chat regarding your wishlist for the future versions, or concerns you have with the current version, do visit us at Booth# 2517. We would love to hear from you in person. We will also have sign-up sheets for users who might be interested in participating […]

Shifting to Adobe eLearning suite – reuse existing Articulate Engage and Quizmaker content

articulate engage,adobe captivate,migration,reuse elearning content,adobe elearning suite In previous posts we have seen how we can reuse Articulate Presenter files by converting it to Adobe Presenter files. Adobe presenter is a part of Adobe eLearning suite. In this post we will see how you can use existing Articulate Engage or Quizmaker output files inside Adobe Captivate 4 project. The rule is “Adobe Captivate movie plays the engage movie as long as engage movie can find the dependent files as it […]

This Captivate Blog is now part of eLearningLearning!

We’re delighted to announce that the Adobe Captivate Blog has joined the eLearning Learning community. eLearning Learning is “a community that tries to collect and organize the best information on the web that will help you learn and stay current on eLearning.” We believe this will now allow the Captivate community to keep track of both the product related posts and broader eLearning news and info from a single location. eLearning Learning aggregates my favorite blogs like Clive on Learning, […]

List of System Variables in Cp4

Cp4 variables,Captivate variables,captivate system variables Michael recently posted the exhaustive list of Captivate 4 system variables in his blog. Below is a vetted version of the same. Some more variables have been added and the default value for the quiz variables have been defined.. MovieControl variables: Variable name Default value Description cpCmndCC 0 Enable/ disable closed captioning (CC). Set value to 1 to display closed captions. cpCmndGotoSlide -1 Assign the slide number that the movie should move to before pausing. […]

Quick editing of text using XML import/Export

Adobe Captivate,Localized Content,Rapid elearning,XLIFF With the growing popularity of Adobe Captivate in the e-learning community across the globe, there comes the need of easy scalability. A demo created in one language should be easily converted to another. Instead of redoing the project from scratch, CA3 and later versions provide a feature called XML Import /Export to effectively address conversion from one language to another. A three step procedure could solve the problem: 1. Export English demo to XML by File->Export->To […]

The beta for Captivate on Mac!

Captivate,Mac,Beta Yes, that’s right, the early builds of Captivate on Mac are ready and we would like some volunteers to test this out. We need testers with many different backgrounds and system configurations for trying the new features and providing feedback (you don’t have to be an existing user to participate). If you are interested in helping us finding any bugs and providing feedback, please complete the: Prerelease Interest Form In the question ‘why do you want to participate in […]

Instructional Designers meet-up

Instructional designers community of India The Instructional Designers Community of India will have it’s second meeting this year on May 23rd. The meeting will held at the Adobe office on Bannerghatta Rd in Bangalore. The community is rapidly growing and it is enthusiastically supported by some of the leaders in this field. The details of what this group is all about can be found here. If you are involved in eLearning content creation, you should consider joining the group. You […]

Captivate wins CODiE- Best Corporate Learning Solution!

Our previous Captivate version, Captivate 3, has trumped the latest versions from our competition to win Software & Information Industry Association’s 24th Annual CODiE Award for Best Corporate Learning Solution 2009. "Now in its 24th year, the CODiE Awards continue to recognize those companies providing the best new technology products and services across a broad array of industries," noted SIIA President Ken Wasch. "In addition, its winners are a prolific testament to the power of technology to deliver innovative solutions […]