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Captivate, eLearning Suite, Presenter Roadshow in US – May 9-23

As promised, we are back with our next Captivate, eLearning Suite and Presenter Roadshow from May 9 -23, 2011. It’s a great opportunity for us to establish a direct relationship with Adobe product teams.

What’s in it for you?

  • An opportunity to get your key eLearning content creation concerns addressed
  • Become an insider! A sneak peek into our future releases
  • Possibility of participating in our beta programs

What is our objective?

  • To better understand your eLearning needs, and tailor our future products to better meet your requirements.

Where ?

  • May 9-13 : Los Angeles, Bay Area (San Francisco, San Jose and around)
  • May 16-20 : Texas, Boston, Washington DC  and NY
  • May 21-23 : We can meet up on the sidelines of ASTD at Orlando

Drop us a note with your location and preferred dates, we also have slots for online sessions/webinars.

Whom do you reach out to ?

  • Send an email to abharadw at adobe dot com (Akshay Bharadwaj)

8 Responses

  1. Steve – We have slots in San Jose on May 9, 13, 17 and meeting customers one-on-one, I will be happy to set up a larger session in our office in San Jose though, could you send me an email to abharadw at adobe dot com with the details of your user group and what you do?

  2. I am a trainer for a medium sized cabinet manufacturer. I have content that I provide to “students” (actually sales people) which I deliver in a face-to-face format via regional training seminars utilizing PowerPoint presentations and live demonstrations.

    I would love to get the content put up on my website and be able to give quizzes and track how effective the training is.

    Are there any courses that can teach me how to do that? Even an Adobe online course would be good, but something live would be great too.



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