Adding Sequential Failure Feedback for Your Questions with Adobe Captivate

You are creating an assessment and you want to allow two or more attempts to answer the question correctly. For each attempt, you want to provide some hint in the form of feedback to direct the learner to the correct response.

This can be easily done with Adobe Captivate 5/5.5 using the Failure Levels option for the question slide. With this option, you can specify the number of attempts for which the incorrect message is displayed. For example, if the level is set to 2, the error message is displayed for the first two attempts.

Here’s an example where I have allowed three attempts and three failure levels:

And here are some simple steps to add such functionality to your question screens:

  1. Add a multiple choice question slide.
  2. In the Properties Inspector, under Action accordion, set the attempts to more than 1 or select Infinite. In the example slide, I’ve set the attempts to 3.
  3. Set the failure levels to 1, 2, or 3, based on the number of failure feedback captions you want to include for the attempts. If the attempts are more than the failure levels, the last failure caption will be displayed for the rest of the attempts. In the example slide, I’ve set the failure levels to 3.
  4. Populate the slide with question stem, options and feedback captions.

Your question slide with sequential failure feedback is ready!

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  1. This is very helpful. May I suggest a future post that covers the creation of quiz questions that provide feedback and are not scoreable objects? For example when “knowledge checks” are used to reinforce learning but are not used to evaluate pass/fail. In a recent project we used the “retake” function to allow multiple attempts to pass the exam, however, the retake button would always return to the first knowledge check question even though we made it not report to LMS and gave it a score of zero.

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