Adobe Captivate, Presenter Video Express, and Presenter Examples

Find sample projects that utilize Adobe Captivate, Adobe Presenter, and Adobe Presenter Video Express. You may download and use any of the project files or samples you find here for your own learning.

Useful Resources

You may download and use any of the project files or samples you find here for your own learning.

Note: You may not extract the media from the files and use that media for your own purposes without the express written permission of Adobe Systems Inc.

Do’s and dont’s

What can I do with these files?

Use them to learn about how Captivate, Presenter, and Presenter Video Express projects are created.

What can’t I do with these files?

Pull out the art, sounds etc. and use them for your own projects. Below you’ll find the source *.CPTX files that will work in Adobe Captivate.

Adobe Captivate (2017 release)

Fluid Box:

Download: Getting Started with Fluid Box

Download: Fluid Box Part I, Fluid Box Part II, and Fluid Box Part III

Download: Using Optional with Fluid Boxes

Upgrade to Responsive Projects


Guidelines Part I

Guidelines Part II

Typekit integration

Download: Using Typekit fonts in your project

Advanced Actions

Download: Using While loops

Adobe Captivate 9

Download: Virtual Vacations: Sales Training

Adobe Captivate 8

Module 1: CloudeAir SoftSkills Sample

Module 2: Picture Perfect_Simulation Sample

Module 3: Safeguarding and PII — Compliance Sample

Adobe Captivate 5, 6, and 7

Module 1: Photoshop Content Aware Fill Application Training

Module 2: Compliance Training – Information Security (An example of integrated video and quizzing.)

Module 3: Process Training – Lobby & Reception Hygiene (An example of Choose your own Path training.)

Module 4: Scenario-Based Training – Management Soft Skills

Module 5: Scenario-Based Training – Quarantine

Adobe Presenter Video Express

View: Introduction to Adobe Presenter Video Express

Adobe Presenter

View: Adobe Presenter – Getting Started