Announcing eLearning Suite and Captivate 4!


Today we announced the launch of Captivate 4 and the new Adobe eLearning Suite. While the sneak peaks at the Adobe Learning Summit and the eLearning Guild conference last November generated significant buzz around this big release, I truly believe we have two solid products that we can be bullish about. Close to 50 engineers worked for 18 months to build this product. This was beta tested for close to a year by more than 700 of your peers in the eLearning community.

The core focus of the two products is to drive productivity and efficiency in eLearning content authoring. Irrespective of wether you are involved in authoring rapid eLearning content, or comprehensive courseware, these products will meet your complete authoring needs. Captivate and Adobe Presenter form the anchor products for rapid eLearning. The integration between these products and the asset creation tools in the suite will help you generate richer eLearning content in a rapid authoring framework. Check out this video introducing the rapid authoring workflow in the eLearning Suite:

The eLearning Suite also contains enhanced versions of Flash Professional CS4 and Dreamweaver CS4- with specific eLearning extensions. These products form the anchor products for traditional courseware authoring. Shared tools like the SCORM Packager and the LMS adapter help streamline eLearning content creation using these powerful tools. Check out this video introducing the traditional authoring workflow in the eLearning suite:

For a more comprehensive introduction to the Adobe eLearning suite, check out this video RJ created.

In the next few days, to support the community in using these two products, we are converting this site to our team blog. We will discuss our personal favorites among this large set of features, and ways (not all documented) in which the community can maximize its benefits from the same. We hope this blog will provide a window for the large Captivate community to interact directly with the development team.

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