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LMS reporting enhancements in Captivate 4


In Captivate 4 several changes have been made to Quiz preferences so that content developers can choose the right option for their LMS. Captivate content has been tested against some of the popular LMS along with ADL Test suite to ensure standard compliance.

Here I would like to highlight some of the Quiz Reporting options one has to choose for tracking Captivate 4 SCORM compliant content.

  • Report Status  -
    • Complete/Incomplete – cmi.lesson_status will be set to Complete/Incomplete based on condition specified in Report Score.
    • Pass/Failcmi.lesson_status will be set to Pass/Fail based on condition specified in Report Score.

Note – For SumTotal LMS use Complete/Incomplete status only.

  • Report to LMS as –  
    • ScoreIf a raw score has to be sent. Please note that the LMS you use should have the ability to understand raw score
    • Percent – Choose this option to send the normalized score between 0 – 100. This is most preferred reporting option.
  • Report Score –
    • Quiz results only – In case the course needs to be evaluated based on Quiz results only. As soon as the user achieves the min required score set in Preferences -> Quiz -> Pass/Fail, cmi.lesson_status is set to Completed. Please note that even if there are few slides left, learner will still get the course completion message.
    • Quiz results and slide views – Select this option if the course has to be evaluated based on the score and the slide view percentage.  Completion status is set only when both the conditions are met otherwise it will be set as Incomplete.

This solves the issue of completion message popping up even when some slides are still to be viewed.

    • Slide views only – Completion status is set based on slide views percentage. This option is better suited for courses that contain Demo and training content, where the user is required to view the necessary content.
  • Template – this is a new option added in Captivate 4. You can choose either a Default template or a Custom template incase you are customizing the template. The templates can be found at <Installed directory> Adobe Captivate 4Template PublishSCORM folder.

Incase you have a new template, just copy it to the above mentioned location and you can see template name appearing in Template dropdown in Quiz Preferences -> Reporting.


Below is the Quiz preferences dialog –


Now let’s look at other new features in Cp4 for Quizzing/LMS –

  • Publishing Course structure files for AICC – When publishing content for AICC standard, captivate creates the course structure files i.e.,, captivate.cst, captivate.des.
  • Optimize suspend_data – SCORM 1.2 has a limit of 4000 characters for suspend_data. There were instances of resume not working properly in case of large projects containing more Multiple Choice questions. We have optimized suspend_data and reduced the frequency of this resume issue.
  •  Retake Button – Incase of multiple attempts for the Quiz, you can now choose to show a ‘Retake’ button in the Results slide. Incase the user fails the Quiz, this button will be shown that will allow students to take the Quiz again. To set this option, choose Quiz -> Preferences -> Pass/Fail
  • Passing user variables as part of suspend_data – A nice feature that allows you to customize your Quiz for the learner. You can accept the name of the user in a text entry box and store it in a user variable. The user variable automatically along with its value will be sent as part of cmi.suspend_data  to the LMS. On resuming the Quiz, the variable and its value will be persistent.  No special setting is required for this.

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62 Responses

  1. Regarding mention of “Captivate content has been tested against some of the popular LMS along with ADL Test suite to ensure standard compliance.”I have been trying to test some Captivate content using the Test Suite and it has failed to initialize. I am using Test Suite 1.2.7, authoring with SCORM 1.2, and it is a quiz with tracking. The quiz works on a SCORM LMS just fine. I made sure the swf location is a trusted site in Flash Player security- it loads fine.Is there a newer version of the Test Suite that will test for 1.2 that I should be using? or…?Thanks in advance,MAC

  2. This is just what I needed! I use a Systemax workstation with Realtek audio and couldn’t figure out why none of my USB or analog mics were working. Thanks!

  3. Is there a way to access the score variable outside the published swf for quiz. I wish to embed the published swf file into another swf file, though I dont need the score to communicate with LMS, but want to access it the parent swf.Thanks in advance,Shail

  4. I am publishing content into a zipped SCORM 2004 file. The content has no quiz so I select Slide View only for 100% because I just want them to look at each slide. Since there is no quiz, I set this option to optional. I left on pass and on fail at continue. When I import the zip, I promote it and assign it to users. Everything works fine EXCEPT, if the user closes the window prior to looking at every slide, it is still being marked as complete. Any suggestions?

  5. Thanks for the blog, really useful.Is there a way that I can prevent the score being sent back to an LMS? I just need the completion status and bookmarking facility to work, but at present I get a completion indicated plus a scor of zero.I can prevent the cmi.core.score.raw being sent back using the custom.htm file, is this the only way or am I missing something obvious?Thanks,Dave

  6. Score can be prevented from being sent to LMS using the Custom template only. As of now there is no other option available.Also to access the score from another swf Quizzing variables can be used. For complete list of Quizzing variables and their usage follow the below steps1. Open Captivate2. Select Project->Actions3. Select Variables tab in Actions dialog4. From the type dropdown select System.5. In the View By dropdown, select Quizzing.thanksravi

  7. I am using Captivate 4. In it, I am enabling SCORM 2004 e-Learning output in preferences and leaving the “Never send resume data” unchecked. For some reason, bookmarking is still not working so when I re-open a course, it opens on the first page instead of the page I was last on. Is their another setting that I don’t know about?

  8. If I use the “Quiz results and slide views” option, but I have branching within my project, how do I set the % of slides viewed? If I set it to 100%, and they (by design) only went down one of two possible branches, will it show as complete? Or, if I set the percentage lower, what’s to prevent it from being “complete” before they reach the last slide?

    • I am unable to get the screen views and quiz results to both work at the same time. If I select both it scores the quiz as pass and the course complete. I am working in Cap4…any suggestions?

  9. Hi Kurt,Please make sure that your LMS supports SCORM 2004. We have observed cases where SCORM 2004 content when run on SCORM 1.2 compatible LMS does not bookmark.Hi Lia,Quiz Results and Slide Views setting will consider all the slides included in Quiz. And unless all the slides with interaction data are viewed, slide % will not be updated correctly. In your case i think it will not be appropriate setting as you donot want to view all the slides. You can use Quiz results only setting.thanksravi

  10. Ravi, can you elaborate on this”Score can be prevented from being sent to LMS using the Custom template only. As of now there is no other option available.”I need to do this also, as we only are concerned with pass/fail.

  11. I have output a captivate project in SCORM 2004, bookmarking is not working (the same project published in SCORM 1.2 bookmarks fine). I have tested the 2004 version on 2 LMSs, Moodle and ThinkQ and bookmarking isnt working. i have done a bit of debugging and can tell in the first session that captivate writes the CMI elements to the LMS. On next session Captivate is not calling on the CMI elements, so therefore bookmarking cannot occur as there is no information coming back. I have interrogated moodle and can retrieve CMI elements. Thanks in advance for any help

  12. Hi,i was wondering if anyone got reported in the LMS. I have debugged te LMSSetVariable function and found that whatever setting we use captivated does not send the cmi.score.raw while attempting the quiz. I am using captivate 4 trial version. Is that the problem for not getting the raw scores back to LMS at each action? Has anyone else found this problem.

  13. I am wondering if individual question results can be passed to an LMS and also if there is a way to pass the number of attempts it takes a user to pass individual questions within a course? Thanks in advance.

  14. Hi,I have a similar problem to Ravi who wrote earlier”For some reason, bookmarking is still not working so when I re-open a course, it opens on the first page instead of the page I was last on. Is their another setting that I don’t know about?”The bookmarking seems to work when I export the course (Captivate 4)without any reporting (AICC or SCORM 1.2). But, when I add the reporting in either AICC or SCORM 1.2 the bookmarking no longer works. My LMS only takes AICC or SCORM 1.2.Can anyone shed any light on this and advise a possible fix.thanksSimon

  15. I am still trying to get some feedback from a previous post requesting scoring data and granularity. i would like to know if Captivate can pass individual question tracking? I need to know exactly which questions a user missed and how many attempts they tried for each question.

  16. Hi Rhonda,Under edit> preferences> quiz> reporting – Choosing Reporting level as “Interactions and score” will send the results for individual Questions. But we do not send the number of attempts at Question level. It is sent at a Quiz level. We actually send the same Interaction ID multiple times. Depending on LMS, it might be overwritten or will be a separate entry.

    • When we send “Interactions and score” to LMS, do we get the actual “questions” to the LMS as well?

      I’m new to SCORM issues but I’ve seen cases where the question type and the user’s selection comes up but the actual “question” data is not available in the LMS.

      Is there any known issue like this? Any other forum where I can ask this? Any help on this is highly appreciated.

  17. I am hoping someone can help me solve a major issue with the suspend_data exceeding the maximum (4096) characters I am experiencing with my course which is being hosted on SkillPort LMS. The course is published as SCORM 1.2Below is the email that was sent by the SkillPort tester to describe the problem we are having:It appears that when you page through the course, part way through the final quiz the suspend_data exceeds the maximum 4096 character limit defined by the SCORM (I did a check and found at one point the course was attempting to set over 5000 characters for this field). I believe the mismatch between the lesson_location and the data stored within the suspend_data causes the course to discard the suspend data and return to the start of the course.Unfortunately due to the order of my testing, I did not encounter this issue earlier. This definitely is a fairly significant issue that would need to be addressed. The suspend data should not surpass 4096 characters as the player will return a 405 ‘Incorrect data type’ error message (as dictated by the SCORM) when the suspend data is set.You will need to communicate with Captivate support to see how to prevent your course from setting suspend data longer than the maximum defined by SCORM. When the content attempts to send suspend_data longer than this value, it ceases to be ADL SCORM 1.2 conformant (unfortunately I cannot provide a log indicating this as the content will not function correctly in the ADL SCORM 1.2 test suite). I have attached a snippet of the Java console for the course which displays the course attempting to set the suspend_data to a value 5319 in length.I have searched the Adobe Forums and found a log entry where another user who was using SkillPort and SCORM 1.2 had the exact same issue we are having. The soultion she used (which was checking “never send suspend data”) will not work for us we most definitly want it to bookmark.Has anyone else had this issue and How did they solve it.Lastly, why is Captivate 4 sending non SCORM 1.2 compliant suspend data?? Is it a bug that should be reported?

  18. Hi John,SCORM 1.2 has limit of 4096 characters on suspend_data.Incase your Quiz has more multiple choice questions, suspend_data limit is hit quickly. In Cp4 we have optimized suspend_data.As you mentioned that another customer of SkillPort LMS faced similar issue, can you check with SkillPort to look at the possibility of increasing the suspend_data size?

  19. I’m setting up a mutiple choice quiz with Captivate 4 but if there are, for example, 3 correct answers to one question Captivate will only record a correct answer if all 3 are given, and the final score, if say 2 out of 3 correct answers are given, is recorded as 0, rather than 2. How do I overcome this – it seems pretty basic to me that this is how many multiple choice quizzes are scored!

  20. Shameer,We are currently using Captivate 4 to create SCORM 1.2 courseware and needed some advice of if some changes would void a warranty. The changes consisted of modifying the custom.htm and rewriting the code to include SWFObjects 2.2 vs 1.5, replacing the eval() JS with their equivalent code, replacing the “VBScript” for IE with a Javascript version, and other minor changes. The files modified were the Custom.htm and Standard.js (which was modified for SWFObject 2.2 upgrade). My management team feels that by doing so, adobe would consider this to void any support we might receive if we were to run simply the default.htm. On the other hand, since the custom.htm was provided by Adobe, I feel that any issues related to core functionality of Captivate would be supported (rather than voided) by changes to the custom.htm file.Can you provide insight into if a custom template and modification to the standard.js file would void our Captivate support/warranty, or if such changes would be supported?Thank You

  21. LS,We have encountered the following issue:We have created a training (SCORM 1.2) in Captivate 4 that contains several questions (at the end of the presentation) but only the result of the last question is set to be reported.Now when this training is launched in our LMS (SABA 5.4) the training immediately (!) sends an incomplete (or failed, depending on the settings used) message to the LMS, even when no question slide has been viewed or answered.This is a problem when the training is ended early by the user (prior to having reached the quiz). Because as a result of the mentioned Captivate behavior, our SABA LMS changes the status of this training from Not Evaluated to Unsuccessful immediately after being launched and the trainings is moved to the Training History and thus no longer in the To-Do list of the trainee (in the LMS). This makes it difficult for a trainee to resume the training.What we would like, is for Captivate to send quiz results ONLY when (any) question has been answered, so that no complete/incomplete/pass/fail information about the quiz is communicated to the LMS in an early stage. (and thus the “Not evaluated”-status in the LMS is retained longer)Is there an option for this? Or does anybody know a workaround?Thanks a lot.JeroenPS I have the (unsubstantiated) feeling that this problem is new since CP 4 and that the issue did not exist in CP3.

  22. At the score slide, if I click the Review Quiz button,after skip back to score slide, then the Retake Quiz will disappear. Could some one help me aboout this?

  23. HiI also would like to see an answer to Shameer’s query about warranty when amending custom template scripts. However, I have another question – can I get a prepared alternative template for report by email attachement. So that the report in POSTDATA.CSV could come out nicely spaced and with data such as Quiz name, person’s name… or something like that?

  24. Jeroen,I do have a work around for this that uses a custom template (Scorm 1.2). It reports properly in the ADL suite and in our LMS. It does a few things. First it suppresses the score from being send till the end of the course, and second it sends a status of Incomplete during the quiz. The SCORM 1.2 specs specify that the status must not be blank. The Incomplete status should not cause the LMS to evaluate. With that said, it is possible for the LMS to see a “score.raw” and eval it against the mastery_score, and once met, mark the SCO as Completed or Passed.Also, to note, the previous post with the author name of Shameer was mine(it was meant for shameer, the author of this blog post). I still would like a answer regarding the if the “warranty is void” if i modify the custom template, and can i post my custom template. The copyright on the original template concerns me with posting a modified copy (although its heavily modified)

  25. Hi,I have Quiz with branching in my CP 4 project. There are 3 Slides, click the click field 1, then go to slide 2. click the click field 2, then go to slide 3. On Slide 2 click click field 3 and go to slide 3. So, there are two ways to complete this Quiz:branch 1: slide 1 -> (click field 1) -> slide 2 -> (click field 3) -> slide 3branch 2: slide 1 -> (click field 2) -> slide 3But at the end of test I got always results 1 point or 2 points from 3 points. the Quiz will be also marked as failed. Is there any way to let CP4 know the branching in Quiz and evaluate these two branching as succeed?Thanks!

  26. I am just wondering how to view individual responses to short answer survey questions. After the participant takes the quiz I would like to review their response.Any help or guidance on how to obtain such information through Captivate 4 is appreciated

  27. We bought the original bookmark when CP4 came out by We are looking for an updated bookmark solution that works for Aggregator projects? Anyone have ideas?I.E (first swf is slides 1 – 15, student has gone through those and now is on slide 18 (within second swf). We want them to be able to return to 18 and right now it will only go to slide 15 (last page of the first swf).Thank you.Aaron

  28. I am attempting to create my first quiz. I started with a true/false question. I understand why I should indicate the correct answer. However, my concern is will the correct answer be displayed when the quiz is being taken?

  29. I have created a Captivate 4 class with six modules, each with a quiz following. I want the learner to see the results of the quizzes immediately after he takes them, but quiz results do not show for the individual quizzes. Results show only after the 6th quiz. How can I get individual quiz results to show?Thanks in advance to anybody who can help me.

  30. @Katy: Instead of a single captivate file, consider creating 6 captivate modules, that are tied together using the ‘Aggregator’. This presents all the modules as a single course with navigation (Table of contents), and also will provide the quiz results summary for each module.

  31. I had difficulty with the course completion in SumTotal 8.2 and Captivate 3 in quizes. Captivate scores each question and sends the score to SumTotal. When the student reaches the minimum passing score, SumTotal marks the course complete and the student cannot complete the quiz. Because of this a student cannot score more than the minimum passing. I recently upgraded to Captivate 4. Did C4 resolve this issue or is there a work-around/fix/settings I can use so the quiz is scored at the end, giving the student the opportunity to take the entire quiz and score 100%.

  32. If I understand this correctly, then the settings for avoiding the premature ending to a quiz in SumTotal (Complete/Incomplete) will negate the possibility of having a retake option (Pass/Fail)?

  33. Hi, I’m late to the party.We have Captivate 4 and use an Adobe hosted LMS: Adobe Connect Pro.I’ve set the reporting preferences in CP4 to report the score only. I’ve selected the LMS of Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro.There are 5 slides in the project, 1 – intro, 2 – survey quiz slide (5 options), 3 – survey quiz slide (5 options), 4 – short answer (can be skipped), 5 – ending slide.I am trying to understand how the answers are captured for reporting.The 10 options (across slides 2 & 3) show in the By Answers area as:2234566666These numbers do not correspond to any of the 5 options on slide 2 or 3. How can I know which option has what response?Thanks for your help. Anita

  34. Hello, I am hoping you can assist with a problem I am having with Captivate 4. I have a course with several checkpoint questions at various points in the course and then a 10 question quiz at the end. I cannot seem to get the Quiz Results screen to exclude the checkpoint questions and just score the 10 question quiz. Each checkpoint question has Report answers deselected on the Reporting tab. I also deleted the default values for Objective ID and Interaction ID. They still are being counted in the results. Any idea how to fix this?

  35. I have searched high and low and seemingly thousands (OK, an exagerration) of Captivate forums for the answer to this question – and to no avail.We have a nice, simple 7 question quiz. Nothing fancy. 10 points for each. At end, if 80% is not met, the Retake Test button appears. So if they get 6 right, they pass. If they only get 5 right, they get a 71%, and the learner will see the Retake Test button.When they retake, at the end, the first score is added to the 2nd, thus giving the learner a complete. This is not right. If they still only get 5 correct, there score appears as a PASSing %. I’ve tried changing percentage to raw score, and still get this error. Any thoughts?

  36. Does anyone have an example of a working configuration of the reporting ? How do I hav the results sent to my email or a file ?Perhaps a bmp or jpg of the pertinent boxes that need filling ?Thanks,Joe

  37. Having a problem with a Captivate 4 course that is showing completion for PC end-users but not showing completion for Mac users. The course is a resource where one page has a completion success box. The score is 100%. Mac users are getting incomplete and 0 score.

  38. @Michael: I have the same problem (Captivate sending an “unsuccessful” status right away to LMS even before Quiz is reached, so that if user exits, course is moving to their transcript which is not desireable) that you said you have a custom template as a workaround for. Not familiar with how to use custom templates – is this something I need to get from you?

  39. Help! I’ve looked everywhere. What is the JavaScript code that I need to put under a click box? I want my end-users to choose a “Listen” button if they want (actually a rectangular box with a “Listen” label on top with a click box on top of that — the audio that I want to play is on the click box) to hear the text-to-speech on a paragraph that is on the slide. This is to accommodate auditory learners.In English I want the code to be able to:Once this click box is chosen (not automatically when the slide runs), play the audio.Dee from Akron

  40. Hello,I have two questions:1) I am using Captivate 4, and wondering if there is a way to show the user the results from a quiz other than writing your own feedback.2) At the end of a final assessment (we usually write these as a separate file for ease of use in our LMS), I’ve noticed that clicking on Review Quiz does not always produce accurate results. Sometimes Captivate will repeat the feedback for question 1 in each succeeding question. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a way to correct this situation?Many thanks – Babette

  41. Quiz Help Please — I have Cp4 & have created a 10-question quiz. Set the pass/fail options to 90% within 3 tries in order to pass. What I need to do is this: if the user still fails the quiz AFTER the 3 tries are up, I need to send an email notifying a member on staff that the person failed. It can just open outlook & then the user would have to physically send the email (I have instructions for the user to do just this). However, it wants to send an email each time the user fails the exam (it does it on the 1st & 2nd times but I only want it to do the send mail after the 3rd attempt). I’ve tried to fix this several different ways, but always with the same results. This last time I created another separate Cp project & put a SEND button on the page that opens Outlook & populates the “TO” and “SUBJECT” lines. However, it still sends the user to this project only after the 1st failed attempt. I also tried to incorporate some JavaScript but that didn’t work either. ANY help would be greatly appreciated!! It’s almost as if it doesn’t recognize the 3 attempts threshold before moving to the “Action” in the Pass/Fail options.

  42. I need to set course completion to 85% slide views and also have a course scored so that on Sumtotal it shows pass and complete. Right now I am receiving this result even if I do not complete the course. Anybody have any ideas?

  43. CP4 user w/ quiz issue: I built an 8 question quiz @ end of project. When I answer one or two, but then need to go back into the training to look for the answer for (example) question3, when I go back into my quiz after looking through the rest of the project for my answer, all the previous answers (question 1 & 2 that I already answered) are gone. I want it to remember the answers I already answered before I went back into the training to look for other answers. How do I do that?

  44. Can anyone help a nubie here? I’m trying to get a course published in CP4 to pass Skillport’s Software Compatability Tool..unsuccessful. This course has no quizzes. Students just watch it to its completion.

    I am avoiding Adobe’s Aggregator design (built my own TOC), and the course is a series of mini CPs, each of which opens the next project on exit (daisy-chain). I was able to get a similar-designed project to pass in October, but am having problems now.

    First, republishing as a passive (selected “elearning disabled”), when running through their SCT, the browser window launches in the proper size, and the passive applet runs, but the content does not launch at all. I see no communication in the java console.

    Then, published as Scorm 1.2 , I find that the “Exit” buttons included in Captivate do not close the browser, and do not send the proper “finish” commands, so it fails the runtime test.

    Any ideas? I had heard through the grapevine that Adobe’s exit buttons were broken.

  45. Hey, Allen.
    Yes, I think it will eventually be running it from a webserver when I upload it to our hosted LMS (Skillport). I’m kind of new to how all this works. Right now I’m just trying to get the course to pass the runtime check in their Software Compatability Tool. I can’t upload it to the LMS until it passes that test….seems like sort of a catch-22 thing.

    Best I can tell, when I set it up for scorm 1.2 I had set each of the sub-projects to record “user visit” only. I am going to have to go back and re-publish all of the parts as passive just to get past this snag (have a deadline) but would love to figure out what’s blocking my ability to do it with scorm.


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