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shifting to adobe eLearning suite – bring existing content to captivate


Adobe eLearning suite is a complete toolbox for authoring rich learning content and you won’t need any additional software to meet your eLearning authoring needs. But it doesn’t mean that you will lose your existing learning material that was created using another tool. In my previous post I discussed how you can reuse your old Articulate content when you migrate to the eLearning Suite. In this post we will see how you can reuse your old Raptivity files inside Adobe Captivate 4 which is a part of Adobe eLearning suite.

Raptivity is a tool which gives flash output files. Inside Raptivity to publish –

  1. Select File -> Publish
  2. You get Interactivity Publisher dialog with two radio buttons at top – “Publish as a single Flash file” and “Publish as a multiple file output”
  3. Select ““Publish as a single Flash file”
  4. Choose publish location and click on “Publish” button.
  5. You will get a swf file let us say “monalisa.swf”

And below are the steps you can follow to insert it inside Adobe Captivate 4 project –

  1. Select Insert -> Animation
  2. Select the “monalisa.swf” you got from Raptivity.
  3. You will get this error
  4. Click Yes to proceed.
  5. Download this swf file. Click here to download.
  6. In same slide as your Raptivity swf- select Insert->Animation and select fix.swf you got from earlier step. This has some code which solves the problem which you see in dialog from step 3. Perform this step even if you don’t get the error message in step 3.
  7. Select Edit->Preferences->Project->Publish Settings->Externalise Resources and check the box Animations.
  8. Insert a button on the same slide so that the Captivate movie pauses at this slide, allowing the learner to interact with the Raptivity movie in the published file.
  9. Now publish your movie. You will see the Raptivity file working perfectly inside Adobe Captivate project.
  10. Click here to see how to do it or click the image below

9 Responses

  1. The fix does work but when I tried to insert two Raptivity exercises in my Captivate file it stopped working. It seems like you can only have one Raptivity exercise per Captivate file which isnt good sadly

  2. Paul, Till the time we find more on this you can try this -Create Captivate file 1 – Insert first raptivity file. Publish to get cp1.swfCreate Captivate file 2 – Insert second raptivity file. Publish to get cp2.swfNow create a main captivate file and insert cp1.swf and cp2.swf . It should work.

  3. I tried the steps to create two different swf files out of Captivity and again use these files in a project.But in the final output I am not able to see anything, it just a blank screen. The cp1.swf and cp2.swf work fine individually.

  4. Peter,when you are inserting cp1 and cp2 to main captivate movie – make sure that1 – externalise animations is checked on2 – all the dependent raptivity swfs and fix.swf is in same folder as the new published file.I was able to make it work in this way.

  5. hi guys ,can i able to get the output of this swf in another self created swf? basically i want to catch the result of the swf to futher uses can i do that? if yes then please guid me.Thanks in advance

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