The beta for Captivate on Mac!


Yes, that’s right, the early builds of Captivate on Mac are ready and we would like some volunteers to test this out. We need testers with many different backgrounds and system configurations for trying the new features and providing feedback (you don’t have to be an existing user to participate).

If you are interested in helping us finding any bugs and providing feedback, please complete the:
Prerelease Interest Form
In the question ‘why do you want to participate in the pre-release program?’- please do mention your interest in the Mac version among other things.

FYI: If you are selected as a participant, you will be contacted when we start the prerelease program.

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  1. Hallo,since about the year 1990 I am using Macs private and in school.The most reason for switching to Mac was, the intuitive handling. I discovered this also for my pubils in school.Making videos, podcasts an other things with them, let`s me take time for the pubils and not for the machine (pc).I began 1995 with Director an Authorware when I studied in Furtwangen -> Expert for New Media in Schools.Now, I would be happy to test your Software and to give you the chance to make the software better, or to show you, where the software is good enough.Would be nice to hear from youGordan Merz

  2. I would be participating in the launching of Captivate for MAC because my interessescom the program is on the area of education videos and lessons for students of varied follow. It would be a pleasure, thank you.

  3. I am a technical writer and trainer at Netsweeper Inc. We are committed to moving our training materials to Captivate. I personally own a PC version of Captivate 4 and will be taking a course in it this month. Doug Reddick,,our marketing manager, has a summer intern working for us that we may train to use and test the Mac version.Kay

  4. I am a technical writer and trainer at Netsweeper Inc. We are committed to moving our training materials to Captivate. I personally own a PC version of Captivate 4 and will be taking a course in it this month. Doug Reddick,,our marketing manager, has a summer intern working for us that we may train to use and test the Mac version.Kay

  5. Thank you for this opportunity! I filled in the pre-release form, and hope I’m chosen to be a beta tester. I have my own e-learning design and development consulting business. I switched to the Mac in 2007 (first had an Apple Lisa um.. years ago) because of the fantastic OS. I have a MacBook Pro, running Windows XP virtually via VM Ware Fusion. I’m thrilled you’re working on the Mac version for Captivate.Jenise Cook | info AT

  6. I am also interested in testing this product for the Mac. My office will likely be all-mac in the near future, so we will be looking for products like this one to assist our clients with online learning development.

  7. Will hold back on buying Articulate now, although still tempted by Engage. It’ll be just a relief not to have to go through all that VM malarkey.When are we likely to see the finished article ?

  8. I am a Learning Designer and I use a PC at work and MAC at home. I’ve taken Captivate training for PC, but I would like to use Captivate at home on the MAC. I’ve been checking in every six months or so to see if the MAC version was underway, so this is great news. Let me know If I can help.

  9. I was just hired by a company with a web-based hotel software app. and they have hired me to develop training using Captivate (that users will access on the Web).I switched to Mac in 2004, still know how to use Windows, BUT DESPISE IT and am finding out that my only option is dust off my Windows laptop and install Captive and develop it on that since Captivate is not yet available on Mac. If it makes sense for me to participate in the beta, as long as I could develop training videos that would be usable (Since it would be Web-based it would be fine on Mac or Windows), I believe I would be a great candidate for Mac testing.Regards,Richard

  10. I have been using Captivate on a PC for several years but much prefer the Mac. I have requested the Mac version and was part of the Captivate 4 testing. I can’t wait to purchase and use Captivate 4 for the Mac. I would love to test the pre release. Thanks for the coming Mac version!

  11. I have been using Captivate on a PC for several years but much prefer the Mac. I have requested the Mac version and was part of the Captivate 4 testing. I can’t wait to purchase and use Captivate 4 for the Mac. I would love to test the pre release. Thanks for the coming Mac version!

  12. Help! I’m a grad student using a Macbook, and I have a project due in a week using Captivate. Since I have no other computer, I HAVE to do the project on my Mac. Are you accepting testers? May I PLEASE be one?

  13. I am working in the clinical research and doing a lot of trainings in a MAC/OSX Area, so i am very interessted testig captivate for mac beta, thank you

  14. All these Windows people in the office wonder why I prefer to carry my own Mac to the office. I was always proud to say I could do anything they could do more efficiently and with less hassle on a Mac … and then I end up doing Captivate projects and have to use Windows! How humiliating.

  15. I am a video producer editor and got my former employer to purchase Captivate so we could produce an interactive training program on a gift card systems. Captivate was great to work with and if the mac version was on the shelf I would buy it for the next project I have coming up this month on phone systems. What I disliked about the experience was producing my flash videos on my mac and dragging them over to the PC so I could use captivate. With the exception of Captivate I have little use for PCs other than render farms and servers. XP is outdated and I have no use for Vista or Windows 7.

  16. Hi,My company uses MACs as standard for our work in the packaging sector, we often like to do training videos to ensure all our offices are ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’… A Mac version of Captivate would be very helpful for us and I would be keen to take part in trialing and giving feedback during your beta phase… Currently we are sporadically using a program called SnapShotz Pro which is very limited and not user friendly…Thanks for your consideration…Nick

  17. I am part of a program that offers distance learning courses for high school students and adults. We’ve been using Camtasia and Raptivity and use avatars in some learning units. We’re trying Captivate on the PC but have pockets of learners who are Mac users and I prefer the Mac. We use both platforms in the office. To be honest, I’m still at the early stages of being convinced we want to move to Captivate. Not an unqualified commitment to use, I know, but I’d love to be convinced. Our role is expanding to assist other programs in creating online learning, so use of such a product is anticipated to grow. Thank you.

  18. I work in e-Learning and support a large base of field technicians, at least half of whom work on Macs. I would be very interested in developing training using Captivate for this segment of the workforce.

  19. I am the chief marketing officer for a national direct response company. We currently train more than 150,000 clients per year in different investing tracks. I am building an online learning infrastructure but have been confined to PC. I would really enjoy taking a look at what you have developed and see how it might work for my current projects.

  20. My partner and I are longtime Creative Suite users on the Macintosh and just recently began working with a medical case manager to develop a distance lecture. We are currently going through the process of installing emulation software just to put the Windows version of Captivate on our machines so we can finish the job. Please hurry with a Mac version, and don’t forget to include the quiz modules for the Mac version of Flash as well. Thanks.

  21. We teach Captivate in an online Masters of Instructional Science and Technology program at California State University, Monterey Bay. We would like to be in the loop on the Mac version. Thanks.

  22. We use MAC on the majority of our instructional programs. We use captivate in windows for some applications but would LOVE it on MAC. We would be eager to test it and to purchase it.thanks, frc

  23. We use Captivate to train our new agents on a vast suite of Call Center applications, especially the quizzing aspect. I’ve been using it for several years (going back to the good ol’ Robodemo days). I’ve started working from home and would love to use my Mac to develop the training demos.

  24. I’m a Flash/Flex developer and have recently been asked to develop components or widgets for use in Captivate. I’m mac based, so getting a windows machine set up in order to do this is a less than optimal use of my time. I am curious to know if the mac version will be intel only, or will it run on PowerPCs as well?

  25. I am a former Senior Flash/Flex Developer now working leading Multimedia for a training company building e-learning and finding ways to connect Captivate and Flash together in interesting ways. I’m a hardcore mac guy formerly PC who runs Captivate in VMWare and hates every second of doing it. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to try this out!

  26. I’m just adding my voice to the chorus of eLearning professionals who are committed devotees Apple. Most of us are Mac users because of Apple’s long history i the graphic design and video editing world.I’m responsible for training 500 employees of a company in the photographic industry, and most of my learners are Mac users. Even our HR department uses Mac. I probably wouldn’t have the job of directing all training if it weren’t for Apple’s unbelievably powerful and efficient Keynote application.And despite all this, I – like so many of you – are considering jumping backwards through a hoop to run some basic eLearning authoring tool in a simulated Windows environment.It’s just not right!

  27. I would like to participate in the Mac Captivate Beta testing. I have extensive experience with the PC version at work, but am also wanting to use it in my role as an adjunct faculty at a local university. I only have Mac available to me for this.

  28. I’m a bit late on this, curious, has the testing for Captivate Mac version been completed. I have a Mac Book and Mac Mini and would to preview the product. I currently have to do all of my elearning on a PC but would love to use a Mac, especially since so many Apple request are coming through.

  29. Where do I sign up to test this? We’ve wanted Captivate for years to develop training material for our call centre representatives but there never was Mac support.

  30. So how is this work going then chaps? Silence is golden, yes, but it also suggests inactivity. Companies love to crow when they have something worth bringing to market and the lack of any bird like twitters infers Captivate for Mac ain’t happening any time soon.

  31. I loved Captivate on the PC, simply the best,For the past year now I have switched to Macs and will never go back to windows, the only thing I miss about Windows is Adobe Captivate, I would simply love this on my Mac,

  32. Hi, for all those who were waitlisted and did not make it to the pre-release last time, I have some good news. We will be posting a full feature build on the pre-release and opening it up to a larger audience. We will be reviewing the waitlist during this month and we look forward to your participation.Regards,Shameer

  33. My only reason these days for (reluctantly) pulling out the PC is because the client I am working with has requested Captivate. I like Captivate…just not the fact that as a Mac I cannot use it (and no…I won’t be loading Windows on my Mac). I would very much like to be added to the waitlist and included in the pre-release. (pretty pleeze!)

  34. I’d love to test Captivate for Mac. I am half way through a Masters in Blended and Online Education and just beginning to put courses together. Would be nice timing to be able to use my Mac.

  35. I just bought my first mac and am so excited (after 15 years of being an engineer in a pc world), but I need to learn Captivate for an upcoming training job. Now what do I do? Load Captivate on my old pc or move forward with the mac. Please, roll out Captivate for the mac ASAP!!

  36. Good morning,I’m an instructional Designer, MCT, CTT and ACE and ACI in Captivate. I use Mac for all my projects except those involving Captivate. I would be very interested using Captivate for Mac since I use Captivate every day (8 hours a day) for a training program with 150 topics.

  37. i’d love to test the Captivate for mac. i am designing a language learning software and don’t want to get a pc to do it. captivate on my mac would be perfect.

  38. Hi there,I am using Adobe Captivate on my Windows Virtual Machine on my MacBook Pro and it doesn’t run very well.I would love to run Captivate solely on OSX so it available to try, I would love to!CheersA.J

  39. During my teaching career I have used ‘Director’ and ‘Captivate'(on P.C.’s) for constructing instructional tutorials to offer my students the opportunity to re-cap remotely on tasks and techniques they used within the classroom.I have recently changed over to a mac and after just a week of ownership of my MacBook Pro was a complete convert. OS X is so intuitive – it does what you want when you want it!!! It is well laid out with features which are both attractive and helpful.I am now working for U.K. exam board and we are looking to use ‘Captivate’ and ‘Presenter’ to construct various e-learning devices etc. to support teachers who are delivering our qualifications. I would truly like the opportunity to review the product on mac to look at its usability, efficiency of production and functionality. Thanks

  40. I am a master’s student in Instructional design and I have been using macs for the last five years. I need to use Captivate for my designing needs and I do not want to buy the Windows version. It would really simplify my life if Captivate were available for macs.I would love to participate in the pre-release program.

  41. Thank you for the opportunity. I’d love to be in on the beta for Captivate 5. If you’d like I can test Captivate on both Mac and PC platforms. I’m running 64-bit Windows 7 on the PC and 10.6 Snow Leopard on my Macs, if that fills in testing platforms you’re looking for …I’m developing Acrobat Connect presentations and working with Presenter to record presentation slides. I’m very interested in exploring the latest capabilities for recording screen presentations with Captivate.Again, thanks for the opportunity,Randy Hagan

  42. Hello,I am interested in testing your captivate for Mac OS X, because I use Captivate for Windows at work and would love to use it on my Mac laptop. This is one that I’ve been waiting for, for a while.Please allow me to be a beta tester.Thanks a lot.

  43. HelloI too am interested in being a beta tester for captivate on the Mac. My current position is an interactive designer and web developer. In day to day work I use Flash and the rest of the cs4 tools along with adobe Premiere presenter. Currently I use two computers at work – if I could move all my workflow to a Mac I would be decidedly happier..Thank you for your consideration

  44. I would be extremely interested in a Mac beta. We currently use a mix of Camtasia, Articulate and Presenter/Captivate, using Parallels. We produce a great deal of online content.

  45. I have been working with Captivate from the off. However I have now changed my home computer to a Mac and now the late nights at the office are killing me. I would give anything to try the beta.

  46. Hi!I’m a primary school teacher and create a lot of interactive material for children. At work and home I use Apple Computers and I’m very interested to try Mac version.Thanks!

  47. Hi,I’m a math, physics and chemistry teacher at vocational school. I’m making web-based learning material for students and teachers. I’d love to participate to the test group.I’ve had Mac computers for 7 years and I’m doing all my work with them.Thank you!

  48. I work in the training organization for a tech company. We use the elearning suite and all laugh because all of us use captivate in a windows VM in our macs. Please let me in on the osx version.

  49. Hi,I am interested in testing your captivate for Mac OS X, specially in the mac environment – I am a freelance graphic designer and am looking at diversifying my skills into other web related areas.I am amazed at what this program can do. I have a Mac OSX and would really like to give it a whirl.

  50. I am a graduate student at San francisco State University. My focus is in instructional technologies. In this program we are constantly doing new things with technology and using different and creative ways to use existing software. I love the Mac, the focus of my studies and the creative process. Unfortunately, I am waiting to get my hands on Captivate so that I may gain the competitive advantage and jump start my career as an instructional designer. During my final semester (Fall 2010) I have hopes to use Captivate for Mac to create my culminating project. Pick me, pick me :)Sincerely,Captivate Lover

  51. I have a masters degree in Instructional Design. I have done professional development in many forms over the last 10 yrs, but not much in eLearning. Now I am relocated once again and need to broaden my skill set. I am a Mac user and would like an opportunity to use Capitivate for Mac to develop myself in hopes of breaking into the job market here in Atlanta.Thank you for this opportunity!

  52. I am interested in the Captivate Beta for the MAC. I would like to have the opportunity to explore the software from two perspectives – 1) as an Adjunct Faculty member to develop materials for classes, 2) as a nonprofit partner – to develop online e-learning materials to support training for a NH based nonprofit organization.

  53. I’d like the opportunity to help test the beta version of Captivate for Mac. I am an eLearning language teacher in the USA and am trying to decide between a few different eLearning platforms. I operate on Mac OSX and would love to provide periodic feedback on what I am seeing as I develop the curriculum. I plan to spend about 2 hours per day developing the curriculum.Thanks in advance,Scott

  54. I head up the training department for a consumer electronics manufacturer – we just launched a very comprehensive online university and have already posted 18 courses. I switched from a PC desktop to a Mac laptop for a variety of reasons – and realized that all our curriculum is created in Captivate 4. Captivate does not run smoothly on Parallels 5; thus doing your beta test is a very attractive option for me – and my team.I am not a software developer, but do have a great deal experience in creating content that will provide a strong learning foundation for our dealers.Thanks for the opportunity,Mitch

  55. We use Captivate extensively to create training materials. As things stand now, we have to run Captivate in Windows via Parallels. That means that in addition to our copies of Photoshop and Dreamweaver for Mac, we must also purchase that software for Windows. You get all that running in Parallels and you have got molasses in December! Please get this out to the community soon.

  56. This forum is filled with Mac users – like me – who adore or are interested in Captivate – but want to produce our output on our Macs. I wish (and hope) that Adobe will finally work actively with Apple to make a permanent alliance partnership. Adobe made huge mistakes in abandoning the Mac platform some ten years ago – though there is certainly Mac product out there and has been for a few years – the reality is that for a while Mac users were second rate for Adobe. This needs to change. The Mac is becoming an inexpensive alternative to the Windows debacles and we need application architecture parity. If these blogs aren’t enough to convince product managers and their respective VP’s and other senior level managers that the tide must change – I’m not sure what will. Many of us love Adobe products but love our Macs more. Give us the choice – and most of us will dump Adobe products if we have to. But we don’t want to – we love both. Please also reconsider the stand on e-Learning abandoning e-Learning efforts doesn’t make sense when HTML5 will drive e-Learning forward with even stronger impulse.

  57. I would be pleased to test the beta of captivate for Mac. I have participated in many beta’s, although not for Adobe. Please consider. I appreciate your time.

  58. Adobe has a very narrow window of opportunity with Captivate for Mac. If Adobe can it out and working well and with HTML5 and QuickTime support, Adobe may have a very good headstart in this area.However, Camatasia and ScreenFlow are quickly filling this need. Time is ticking away…

  59. Our campus offers aviation training to 500 students, and currently we use Captivate in several of the classrooms. Unfortunately, the windows platform is less than reliable, and many instructors are changing over to Mac. We would enjoy the opportunity to continue using Captivate, and our students would certainly benefit from having professional level software in their daily studies.Thank you for considering BCIT for your testing.

  60. I would love to try captivate for the mac. We develop a ton of elearning activities for the hosiptal and the 42k members of the MGH Academy. Our team is all on Macs and we HATE using articulate with parallels!
    Can we please be part of the testing group?

  61. I would welcome the opportunity to participate in the beta development of Captivate for the MAC. I am a presenter, trainer, and sales promotion Pro for the Home Depot. Since there are no plans for a MAC version of Presenter, Captivate would be an excellent opportunity to shorten the turnaround time on our classes and give us a platform superior to PowerPoint. At present, my presentations are built out of applications housed in Creative Suite for the MAC.

  62. I’m interested in doing testing of Captivate for Mac…i’m using a MacBook Air.
    I have background in training, elearning development, change management, computer system training and implementation.
    primarily I have used powerpoint to develop my electronic material.
    In the past I did developing using Authorware.
    I look forward to hearing from you…

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