New tutorial on Captivate 4 has just launched a new Captivate 4 tutorial. This is authored by Tim Plummer, Jr. The tutorial covers the essentials of Captivate 4. Tim is a Sr. Solutions Engineer in Adobe Sales and has extensive experience both as an educator and as a presenter. He provides a unique perspective covering the features not just from a traditional elearning angle- but also talks about how Captivate can be used to create good looking projects for high impact communication. In this vein, he refers to Captivate as ‘Flash, for the rest of us’.

For a $25 monthly subscription, one can access all the courses on, which includes the latest set of tools offered in the Adobe eLearning Suite and CS4. The Captivate 4 course runs 4 hrs and is organized into 4-5 min modules. By the end of this, the learner will have a strong foundation on Captivate 4. Tim even covers some of the more involved Captivate 4 features like ‘variables’ in this essentials training. I do believe there are a some useful features that have not been covered- including the current favorite Text-to-speech, Advanced actions, and Aggregator. I have linked to some material on this blog which should help with these features; also, another good source for this training is Kevin Siegel’s book on Captivate 4.

Also check out the set of ‘getting started’ tutorials offered by Adobe.


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  1. We useTim Plummer Jr.’s Captivate 4 Essentials tutorials, and we aspire to produce something similar for the GUIs that we design for our systems. I’m curious if Tim would be able to share (at a high level) the steps he goes through to produce a single Captivate movie. I’m mainly interested in how much work takes place before the recording is done. Does he develop a script or a story board? Is that reviewed by others? My reasoning is that he makes it look so simple that the feeling is we can produce something in an hour or two with the quality and style of what we see in his tutorials.

    My stance is that like painting a room, it is 80% preparation, 10% painting and another 10% cleanup. And that we should plan our time and resources accordingly. Some think I’m nuts with my time estimates.


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