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Widgets to streamline your quiz worflow

Usecase: Say you need to administer a quiz, where the learner has to answer all the questions in the quiz in sequence (he is not provided the option to skip). Also, at the end of the quiz, he should be provided an option to review the quiz.

To achieve this, you would go to project>skin editor and uncheck ‘show playback control’. But the user is still presented with the ‘skip’ button during the Quiz. Now, if you decide to uncheck the ‘show skip button’, the user will no longer have any means to navigate during review. Also, during review, he is needlessly shown the ‘clear’ and ‘submit’ buttons, adding to the clutter.

For the best experience, you should be able to hide the ‘skip’ button during Quiz presentation, and hide the ‘submit’ and ‘clear’ buttons during review. Now  Vikram has created a couple of Captivate widgets that will help you achieve this.

To use this, copy them to your widgets folder (program files, adobe, adobe captivate, gallery, widgets);  insert the widgets on the first question slide or the first slide of the project and in options set it to display for the rest of project.

Under edit> preferences>quiz>settings: uncheck ‘allow backward movement’. And that’s it- you don’t have to make any changes in the question slide options (leave the clear and skip button checked).

Do remember that these are AS3 widgets and should be used in AS3 projects (go to edit> preferences>project>publish settings>select AS3).

Widget: Hide Skip

Widget: Hide Submit and Clear


13 Responses

  1. Did assistance with the quiz slides. Have created quiz slides that we “don’t want counted nor grades and created quiz slides we “do” want counted and graded. But at the end of the course in the quiz results, all the quiz slides are being counted. How can we modify the quiz slides that are set up to “not” being graded to also “not” be counted?

  2. These were a HUGE help! Thank you! My onlny problem still outstanding is when the learner finishes reviewing the quiz and presses continue nothing happens. The continue button doesn’t seem to work. Any advice?

  3. Dear Shameer,Great post and thanks to Vikram for the widgets. This is exactly what I need for a project that we are working on. However, is there an AS2 version? Our corporate standard requires that we publish to Flash 8.Thank you for any help you can provide.

  4. This is excellent addition to Widget library and much needed to improve user experience. However, when reviewing, the “Submit” button appears briefly before it is hidden. Is there anyway to prevent this? Thanks again.

  5. Upon failing, the Review and Retake buttons are visible. However, if the asssessment is reviewed, upon returning to the score page, the Retake button is no longer visible. Is there a way to show it after a quiz is reviewed? Thanks.

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