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Aggregator – What’s new in Adobe Captivate 5?

Aggregator helps in creating modular, scalable and reusable rapid e-learning content development using Adobe Captivate. It also helps in parallel development of e-learning content.

Let us now explore the key enhancements done in Aggregator in Adobe Captivate 5.

  1. Branching in Aggregator – Movies in the aggregator can now branch to other movie without exiting from aggregator.  Steps for doing this are very simple. Just make sure that the branch source and branch destination files are added in the Aggregator. Suppose you have a button with success action of “Open another project”. At run time whenever you click on the button, if the target movie is also included in the aggregator, then it will branch to the target movie without leaving from Aggregator.
  2. Overlay TOC – With Adobe Captivate 5, it is now possible to have overlay TOC. To have overlay TOC in Aggregator, just make sure that you choose the file with overlay TOC as the master movie in Aggregator.
  3. Custom pre-loader – Adobe Captivate 4 always had the predefined pre-loader for Aggregator. Now in Adobe Captivate 5, you can set your favorite pre-loader for Aggregator movie. This pre-loader will be shown whenever Aggregator movie needs to wait for loading the content movie.
  4. Right click and Send e-mail– With Adobe Captivate 5, Aggregator can now accept right click. Aggregator is also able to honor the send e-mail action.

Hope this helps in making better use of Aggregator.

Happy Captivating.

5 Responses

  1. Suni… How you describe the Aggregator’s operation is just what I need. I have a 50MB SWF containing 17 Training Modules. Each is comprised of a set of slides and an audio track. I have broken them out into SWF’s by module and used the Aggregator to re-assemble them in order. The list of modules apears with their times to the left of the presentation on execution. Hower, while I am able to see the first slide after a few minutes, there is no sound until the file is fully loaded with all Modules showing the amount of time they require in the list to the left of the presentation. The file is posted on a remote server which makes performance a big issue (about 20 min to dowload for a Learner training from home). Any ideas on what I may be missing? Any advice you might have would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I’m looking for instructions or help in setting up a custom TOC with a company logo centered at the upper left corner of the screen or it can be in the upper part of the TOC itself. Anyone with experience doing this; is it even possible in CP 5?

    • Berdan, you can add an image to the TOC (like a logo) using the browse button in the Skin Window in Captivate 5. Go to Window:Skin to open the TOC & Skin edit dialog in Cp5. Check the box to enable TOC. There are settings for the TOC entries below, and at the bottom, info and settings buttons. Choose the Settings Button: Then find the Image button and click the folder to choose an image. From there its like inserting any other image.

  3. I’m slightly worried at the amount of memory Aggregator consumes when it handles say 18 movies, all at 30Mb each including video. My tests show that as you open each movie, the memory increases as the captivate movie plays, but when I branch back to a menu, it doesn’t forget the last movie, and it goes on. Ending up with 1.5Gb of memory in use and not a lot happening on the screen. Is there any way I can add a custom action in the menu to forget the recently loaded swf?


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