Captivate training sessions- delivered by Adobe trainers

For some time now, we’ve been getting requests for training on Captivate- ‘delivered by Adobe’. Starting February, we are rolling out a Captivate training program. This will consist of in-depth 90 minute sessions, conducted via the Adobe Connect virtual classroom. These sessions have been put together by our in house trainers. Each session will be facilitated by two Adobe trainers (to ensure that you get more one-on-one attention).

This training program is targeted towards the relative new comers to Captivate. It will cover the core eLearning authoring workflows for which you use Captivate- including application capture, transforming Powerpoints into interactive eLearning, Quizzing, Publishing to your LMS, and adding Audio narration.

The best part- this training program is absolutely free. But we do have a limit on the number of people that can attend a session, hence please ensure that you register at the earliest.

The plan is to have one session every month. We might increase the frequency, or have repeat sessions, depending on the demand. The first session scheduled for February 24th , 9AM US Pacific Time, is on Application Capture. More details on the session, and the link for registration can be found here.

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  1. Great to hear this is coming and got excited when i first saw reference to this in a tweet until i saw the words ‘new comers’. Initial cap training is a dime a dozen these days, i’ve created training for captivate, using captivate in about 30 minutes myself. Advanced training from adobe would be spot on how to go beyond and expand upon captivate would be HUGE.

    Its a start I suppose and hopefully enough uptake for advanced training to appear

    • Thanks Adam, we also offer a lot of varied level training and seminars on Captivate and eLearning Suite on an ongoing basis. You can always find links to past and future eSeminars on Captivate using the big green button on the sidebar of the blog. There are actually 50 past and future seminars like these currently listed. (Wow, 50 already!) And we have plans to continue them (in fact adding the introductory training is part of that effort to expand them.) So please spread the word – loads of offerings already and we expect to continue expanding them.

      Here are the 50 past and upcoming sessions.

      You might also enjoy the Adobe TV channel dedicated to Adobe’s eLearning Products including Captivate and the eLearning Suite

      Or the Adobe eLearning Channel on YouTube

      And of course don’t forget to follow @adobeelearning or @captivateusers on Twitter.

  2. How do I book in for these sessions. I have just purchased the e-learning suite 2 and would be very relieved to be able to receive some training on from the experts.

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