Quizzing in Captivate 5

The article quickly describes what’s new in Quizzing of Captivate 5. Also how it makes the life of both a quiz maker and quiz taker easier, quicker and simpler.

Insert multiple questions at a time

Quiz -> Question Slide… menu opens an insert question dialog. In Captivate 4, I could have inserted only 1 question at a time. The dialog needs to be invoked as many times as many questions were to be inserted. On the better hand, insert question dialog of Captivate 5 allows me to insert 1 graded MCQ, 2 survey FIBs, 10 graded matching questions and 1 likert question or any such combination in a single OK click.

Insert multiple Random questions linked to a pool

I can also add Random question slides (along with the above questions) from the same dialog. Not only this, at the time of insertion I can link these random questions to any one of the already created question pools.

Select and Edit quiz properties of Multiple Questions

I can now select the 10 matching questions and edit the number of entries in both the columns in the common PI. The number of entries in both columns gets updated for all the matching questions. Similarly, all the graded questions can be selected together and there on success action can be set in one go from Quiz Properties panel. Here follows a quick demo-

Inline blanks in FIB

Both user input and dropdown blanks in Fill in the Blank questions are now shown in line at runtime. They are no more numbered and placed at the end of the sentence.

Dropdown and drag-drop as default options in Matching Question

All the matching questions by default have both drag drop and dropdown options at runtime. While creating the quiz I need not choose one of the two options. And while taking the quiz I can opt for any of the two.

Add Questions to linked pool from Random Question PI

If I have first inserted a random question slide and then I want to add questions to the linked pool. There is no more a need to launch question pool manager or go to question pool view. A click on Add questions button in random question slide PI (Quiz Properties) can do this for me.

Wish you a very happy new year and happy working with Captivate!!

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  1. Thanks for this post. It is great that you inserted movies, but one has to discover this; I’m used to see a play button, when a CP-movie is not starting automatically: was there a particular reason why you do not show it here? Can I ask another question: why do you not use the Quizzing workspace? And I hope there will be more about Quizzing in this blog post, such as the use of the Object Style Manager for Quizzing Objects.

    • Thanks for your reply. I would remember to put the play button in forthcoming posts.

      Quizzing workspace provides me with Slide/object properties and Quiz properties at the same time. Since for the demos, slide/object properties were not required, therefore, to give more visibility to slide’s edit area I opened Quiz properties in Classic workspace only.

      Sure, we will blog about styling on Quiz slides using Object Style Manager.

  2. Thanks for the tips!

    I have created a question pool with 30 questions. How can I set my quiz up to randomly pull 20 of those 30 questions when users attempt the quiz (doesn’t matter which 20 as long as there are 20)? Is that even possible?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. I am new to Captivate 5. I am trying to set up multiple choice scenario-based questions. I’d like to have an incorrect answer prompt an explanation of why it was incorrect. The learner then has another opportunity to answer the question correctly and so on. I started with a very simple powerpoint then opened the project in Captivate. How do I acheive creating these branching quiz questions?
    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    • Hi Renee, There’s a short video here that introduces some information about contextual feedback. Which may solve part of your problem.

      Now any quiz can be setup to allow the learner to retake a given question as many times as you like. You’ll control that from the quiz properties tab while you are on the quiz slide in question. This is a viable alternative to the method described in the video if you don’t mind providing ‘universal’ feedback for wrong answers – but that feedback can be set to adjust for sequential failures. (For example first failed attempt: Are you certain that the sky isn’t a cooler color? – Second failed attempt: Maybe the sky color starts with the letter B. Third failed attempt: I think the sky might be BLUE.) You can accomplish that sort of thing simply by setting the number of attempts (3 in this example) and set the failure level to match (also 3). That would cause Captivate to create 3 failure feedback captions (you’ll note their names correlate to the failure levels) that you can then put any text in that you want (you can also decorate them any way you like.)

      Now you can set the success and failure actions to handle your needed branching. Set the success action to go to next slide if you just want to move on, or set it to jump to slide if you want to go to slide n when the answer is correct. If you want to take them to some kind of retraining upon failure to complete, then set the last attempt or failure action to go to slide n in the event of total failure to answer the question. (Tip: don’t jump outside the quiz range – its best to put the quiz jump to slides between questions and keep moving through questions in sequence.)

      Hope that helps — Allen

      • Thank you Allen. I do need to have specific feedback for each answer. I’m in the healthcare field and have been asked to set up case studies each with a series of questions. Each answer, then, has an explanation as to why it is not the best course of action. Then, of course, there is the best/correct answer which also has a brief explanation why it is the best choice. I’ll take a look at the video and give it a try. You may be hearing back from me. 😉

      • Allen, I am new to Captivate 5 and am learning as I go (no training). I have attempted to use the statis question widget to jump tp retraining slide for incorrect answers, but while visible in editing, the widget seems to go to the background when previewing or publishing. Please advise.


  4. I was reading that a matching question slide has both drop down and drag and drop functionality. I do not see a setting in the matching properies panel to select the drag and drop functionality. Does this setting reside in another area?

    • Hey BB, there is another question type – sorting, that has the ability to drag the text in a list into an ordered list. Other than that, there is no native drag and drop question type at this time. Fortunately Captivate supports question widgets and the clever folks at infosemantics have created a graphical drag and drop question widget. This widget creates drag and drop question slides. I hosted an eSeminar on the topic here. The contact info etc. for infosemantics is in the blog entry.

  5. Allen, your video on advanced question answers was perfect. I am now struggling with trying to get the feedback caption to do a simple fade in rather than just appear. I am using Object Manager. I had read there is an option to specify how many seconds to fade in but I don’t see that option in the Transitions box. It seems the one effect not included in Fx is “Fade”.
    Please let me know where I’ve gone off the rails. Thank you again!

    • Renee, I’m checking for you – but this looks like a designed limitation to me. If you look at a normal caption (via the property inspector) you’ll find that it’s transition properties for fade include the ability to set the fade in and fade out times. In fact you can design a style that has an extended fade time and save that with a unique name. However, when you apply that style to the feedback component(s) they ignore the fade property. Likewise feedback styles have no property setting for transition. Clearly they lock to no transition and do not deviate when used for feedback.

      That suggests to me that the fade is being deliberately ignored in the context of feedback. I can understand why that would be best because if they didn’t the interactions / appearance of responses, like correct, and incorrect answers, could easily seem sluggish or unresponsive (esp. if the author didn’t understand that a given feedback caption was ‘fading’ because of a transition property that they had set for some other purpose.)

      I’m sending a note to QA, but I’m guessing they’ll tell me this is “by design.” IOW the expectation is probably that when giving such feedback the creator would always want the feedback to popup immediately when the submit button is pressed. Can you tell me your use case? For example, describe why you want the delayed fade in this context? Or are you just trying to understand the fade timing properties and stumbled upon this exception along the way?

  6. Thank you once again Allen. I wanted the feedback to fade in ever so slightly because, to me and my eye, it seemed very sudden for it to appear the way it does. (That might just be me.) But, once it appeared I couldn’t do it I became “woman on a mission” to understand what, if anything, I was doing wrong.
    I can live with the feedback appearing instantly and your reasoning makes a lot of sense.

  7. Hi. This is more of a question regarding adjustments to the advanced answer option window.

    I am currently using a multiple choice question with advanced answer option and I want the text box to open over the question. My problem is that the advanced answer option window (box) doesn’t cover the question text. All the text comes through the layers.

    Is there a way to correct this?

    • Pat, is the caption background on the Advanced answer box set to a non-transparent background? Is the caption on the layer above the other in the timeline? Can you elaborate? You might find it useful to disable visibility while you work on layers that are overlapping. Is this problem happening for you while the project is playing back, or only happening while editing the text?

      Last thought… have you cleared your cache?

  8. Allen, thanks for your message. I am using a multiple choice question. I have 4 answers, one correct and 3 seperate answers using the advanced answer option. The correct feedback message works properly but the 3 seperate feedback messages allow text to come through. The problem (text coming through) happens in play back mode / preview mode but not when editing. And, correct me if I am wrong but I cannot change the timeline layers of a quiz slide other that additional text captions that I have added. I am currently using Halo Red as my caption type. I have tried changing it and playing around with some settings but it’s still doing it. I have also cleared my library of unused elements and I have cleared my caches. I have yet to restart my program. I will keep you posted.

  9. Hi, can anyone tell me from the end of a series of yes/nop questions from a question pool, how I can receive an automated email from the user to notify me of their answers? I’m not sure what happens when the user click the Submit Button? Where does the data go?

    • Hi Joy – Interstingly we are also having the same problem – we are using Captivate 5 (not 5.5).
      Did you get a soluton to this problem?

      • After some experiments its seems to be a Captivate problem however the solution I came up with was to ensure that the last quiz slide was not a question pool slide. When I did this it seems to advance to the quiz results page OK.

        Interestingly I download a trial version of Captivate 5.5 and experienced the same problem – hopefully there will be a fix in version 6.

        Thanks Steve Charles

  10. I’m having issues with the retake functionality of CP5. The retake page is closing too quickly for learners to click on the action. The page flashes but then moves immediately to the exit page. The tracking inn the LMS and the scoring is correct, but I need people to be able to retake until they pass. We’ve reset the function to allow for unlimited retakes that’s not the issue, the issue is that the page won’t stay up long enough to allow the learner to click ‘retake’ (we tried modifying the time for that slide, but it just won’t hold)

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

  11. If I create a pool with 30 question and then I add 10 randmon question. How can I be sure that the 10 question selected by Captivate are different. I mean as the 10 questions are added independently, how can I be sure that these are different and one question will not repeated twice in the quiz?


  12. I would like my trainees to be able to work through a test, change their answers, go back and forward and only submit answers at the end of the quiz rather than after each question. I do not want them to be able to see incorrect or correct answers and I don’t want them to get the result at the end of the test. Is this possible? Is it possible to save a tests during the test so that if something happens and the test closes it will save their answers?
    Any help appreciated.

  13. Is there a way to give an error tolerance for short answers. For example I want my students to input a geographic coordinate for a particular feature on a map. The error margin is to +/- 1 second in North or South and E or W. Instead of me typing all the possibilities for answers (9 possibilities, can I put in a 1second error tolerance? Once again, any advice or assistance appreciated.

  14. Random images?
    I’m about to start working on an app for kids, small kids in fact, so text isn’t an option.
    So, we need to use only images (instead of text) from a question pool/array, is it possible?


  15. I am using the Matching question. Is there any way of having 1 score per each of the matches.

    So I have 5 sections and I want it to give 5 scores, if they get 3 wrong I want it to state that, is there anything that I can do to get that to work??

  16. I am creating question pools with 100 questions and 50 random question slides. This has caused captivate to crash consistently, or in some rare cases, not crash, but not run once published. Are there limitations to creating question pools? Is there some other reason that can be causing this?

  17. Wanting to allow student to skip questions then able to review and complete before final submission. Only 1 submitted attempt allowed. I created a slide at the end that gave user option to review and answer skipped questions. with that slide, it does not upload properly in LMS.

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