Add Video to Table Of Contents in Adobe Captivate (PPT) eLearning Modules

A reader asked last week, “Can I add video to my Table of Contents and sync that video with a PowerPoint using Adobe Captivate 5?” I have to admit that I hadn’t really thought of that, but of course the answer is yes – and in fact it’s incredibly simple to do. So I’ve recorded this short video to explain it. Enjoy. 😉

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  1. Questions:
    1) When you place video above the TOC is the video size set by Captivate? It seems to be… What is the resolution of this file?
    2) If the resolution is set at something like 210×140, does it make sense to encode the video at that size to make the project play back with less drain on the CPU and to make a PDF export smaller?
    3) Is it possible to make the size of the video above the TOC bigger? It is silly small

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