Linking Customized Feedback Screens for Each Option in Multiple Choice Questions

Sometimes when we are creating quizzes, we come across requirements like linking a remedial screen to the question screens, or branch out the course based on learner’s response. In such cases, we need a solution where based on the option selected on a multiple choice question, the learner is directed to a customized feedback screen.

This is possible by using Advanced Actions. Ah! Not comfortable using Advanced Actions? Don’t worry. You can do this easily using the Advanced Answer Option for multiple choice questions.

Here’s an example of a question screen linked with customized feedback screens… Take a look.

And here’s a demo on how to link customized feedback screens for a multiple choice question.

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  1. Can you access the Review Quiz? Our requirement is to allow the user to review their quiz and, if needed, click to review the content related to that quiz if they miss the answer. I thought to put a button on the review quiz slide to jump to that slide, but I can’t find a way to edit the review quiz. I don’t see it on my film strip.

  2. This is great but I don’t seem to be able to reproduce the ability to return to the question slide. I’d really appreciate a hint (I bet it’s easy). I am using CP5.0.

      • Dr. Pooja, I’m having the same issue as Jimmy (above), except I’m a 5.0 user.

        Here are my question settings: On Success: Continue, 4 attempts, no retry message, 1 Failure level, Last attempt jumps to the slide containing the next quiz question.

        When I answer the question incorrectly, I’m branched to my feedback screen and click the Back button. But as Jimmy is saying, the quiz is locked. I can see what I answered and the correct answer, but I can’t retake the quiz question. What do I need to do so that the user can return to the question and re-answer it (without seeing the correct answer or their initial incorrect answer)?

        • The problem I was having was that I was using the advanced answer options and shuffling the answers. Pooja shared with me that these do not both work. As soon as I disabled the shuffle answers, my problem was solved. If you are also trying to do both things, that might be the issue for you too.

          • Hi Jim,
            Do you mean that if we disable the shuffle answers option, our question gets reset? It did not work for me that way.

        • Hello, I have read through the messages here and still running into same issue. After answering incorrectly 3x I am taken back to question that shows the last selected option but I can’t do anything. I would like to send the student to the next question at this point. I am using v6.

          My settings are: Answers 4, No Shuffling, On Success – Continue, Attempts 4, Failure level (2 or 3, does not seem to make a difference), Last Attempt – Jump to Slide #).

          What am I missing?

  3. So I am using this is CS 5.5 and I am able to return to the quiz slide but then the question slide seems locked up. I have set the attempts to infinite.

    My goal is that when users make incorrect choices, they get feedback and then have another attempt at the question.

  4. Great. I was not aware of this simple trick and was trying to use one advanced conditions only for the whole quiz. I had the same issue as the others as to allow multiple attempts and currently haven’t found a way to fix that. I can try twice but not more! Failure level: None or 1, doesn’t change anything. Captivate 5.5. Will keep searching…

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for the above post. Really good. I have one question. Would the same procedure be applicable to a MCQ with multiple answers? Will it still work the same way?

  6. Hi,
    I have another problem while working on Captivate 6. I developed a single check your understanding question. However, it seems like I can answer the question only once. Afterward, the answers remain on the slide and the question does not get reset. Please please do help me with this! I have spent hours and hours on finding a sloution for this.

      • I want my checkpoint to work independently. As in, after answering the question, the learner moves to the next slide. When the learner comes to the previous slide, the question should be reset. Or probably, if I can create a functionality for resetting the question on clicking some button, it would be great.

  7. As a brand new Captivate 7 user, without audio to understand what you’re doing, this isn’t helpful at all. Will keep looking for an answer to my question on how to make this work for my team.

  8. My question is about the feedback captions in Captivate 8. When I add a multiple choice question, most of the checkboxes on the Quiz panel are grayed out. Can someone please tell me how to get these checkboxes to be active?

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