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Save Time and Increase Productivity through Advanced Interactions Panel!

When I work with large projects, one of the challenges I face is to debug the project when something is not working correctly. The things that can go wrong are incorrect navigation, incorrect association of actions, number of attempts in question slides, etc. In such cases, one thing that I wish for is a dialog that shows all the interactions in my project. And there comes the Advanced Interactions Panel… a real time saver!

When you open the panel through Window > Advanced Interactions, you will see a toolbar which allows you to quickly filter the objects you want to see. By default you will see all the scorable objects and you can filter it object-wise. It also tells you the total score of the project, in this case it is 90 points. This panel comes in really handy when an incorrect score being calculated in spite of only a few question slides or object. This panel lets you see all the objects that are being scored.

Another important operation that you can do in this panel is to navigate to the desired slide where the interaction is by simply clicking the interaction in the panel. It not only navigates to that slide but also selects the object with the interaction. If it is a question slide, it will also tell you how many attempts are set for the question slide and whether any success/failure actions are set or not. By the way, if you feel that your final score is getting calculated incorrectly, look at the ‘include in quiz’ column and you will exactly know which objects/slides are being added to your final score.

The feature I like the most is that I can print the entire layout and show it to my manager, SME or anybody who is interested to see the interaction map of the project.

Do try using this panel and let me know if you found it useful.

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  1. Another use I find is if a slide is imported from one project to another that has a button/click box etc that has been marked as reportable and given a score. In this case any questions with X of Y scenario might go from 1 of 5 to 2 of 6, which is can be a cause of confusion! So off to this panel I go and see where the interactions are and resolve the problem.

  2. Hi Vish, sorry to repeat always the same suggestions: if you label objects and slides, the Advanced Interaction panel (view – F9) is much easier to read, because those labels are added in this view. And this advanced actions view is read-only now, contrary to CP4 and before, but it is linked dynamically to the Properties panel, when you choose an object in the view. That is the way to go to change reporting options for an object.
    To debug navigation issues, I personally prefer the Branching view…

    • Hello Lieve, Thanks for your comments. I prefer this panel over branching view in cases where my navigation is based on Advanced Actions and in branching view those are not shown. In Advanced Interaction Panel I can view which AA is associated with which interactive object.

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