Download Adobe Captivate sample Rapid eLearning Course modules

Looking for some examples to feed your creativity, help you learn more about how Adobe Captivate works, or just to add inspiration to your New Year? Look no further. I’ve added the big yellow download button to the sidebar of the Captivate blog so you can find the latest downloadable source demos. You’ll find them here.

Once you’ve had a look, why not leave comments and questions in the section below?

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  1. User tips from another user
    1- Right click over the link and open the link above in a new tab
    2- You will see four links for four presentations, right click each and open them in new tabs.
    3- New pages will open sites and present a pop up window that reads “You need to download the file to view it.” Follow the instructions in the pop up and download the file on your desktop.

  2. Having trouble downloading the files. I go to download the file. asks me to Pick a Loaction to save the file and then IE8 crashes. Any Advice?

    • Craig, I’m not able to Repro. I know you might not be able to, but i’ve generally found that having at least two browsers installed is helpful when that sort of problem occurs – you might for example try it in Chrome. Is there any specific message in IE when it crashes? It could be that if you’re behind a security firewall or have some network restriction on downloading *.zip files, you might find some trouble -though normally the crashing would not be something like that. I guess its crashed each time you’ve tried?

      If anyone else has this problem can you please add a note here – esp. include the OS, browser version and the version of Flash you have installed.

  3. Thanks for what you have provided. Is there any change you would release the flash code for the play/pause widget. Currently I am having a nearly impossible time creating my own, and/or making buttons function as your play/pause widget.

    Thanks eitherway,

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