Quiz Scope?? what's that?

It’s always interesting to see how people use question slides, sometimes amongst the content slides as knowledge check questions, sometimes as pre-test and sometimes to validate the learning through a post-test. In any of these scenarios, especially while using the question slides as knowledge check, we hit upon something known as Quiz Scope. What’s that by the way? We all know about it but may not be familiar with the exact terminology ‘Quiz Scope’.

Our community expert Lieve has discussed about couple of ways to play with the Quiz Scope in one of the Adobe Captivate Forum thread, thanks Lieve!

Quiz scope starts with the first question slide and ends with the result slide. Why is this so important? That’s because, for some reason, if we go out of the first slide and then come back, you won’t be able to attempt the attempted question slides. This happens because you are out of the quiz scope. How can you avoid this? One easy way is to increase the number of attempts (may be infinite?!) or add an interactive object in the slide being navigated to.

Play with the example below. If you select an incorrect answer for the first question slide (Correct one is C :)… ) you will move to the remedial slide, which is actually placed before the first question slide. Now click Next and you will be taken to the question slides and all the slides will be in review mode.

Now, play with the example below with the similar steps and you will observe that you can still attempt the unanswered question slides.

How did I achieve this?

Very simple, I added an interactive object in the second slide, this case, a click box and enabled ‘include in Quiz’ option under Reporting. BTW, when we include any interactive object in quiz, ‘Add to Total’ and ‘Report Answers’ are enabled as well. If your objective of adding an interactive object is to handle the Quiz Scope and not report the score to LMS, then make sure you disable ‘Add to Total’ and ‘Report Answers’ options. When you do this, even though the result slide shows the total questions as 3 (in the example discussed) the result is still shown as 100%.

Hope this small trick helps.

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  1. “for some reason, if we go out of the first slide and then come back, you won’t be able to attempt the attempted question slides”… you actually won’t be able to attempt any question (including the previously unanswered ones) in that block of questions.

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