Captivate Training: The Time-Line Demystified

Topic: The Time-Line Demystified

Description: Join Tim Lucas, Pooja Jaisingh and Vish as they show you how to effectively use the timeline to create captivating projects. They will show you how to set the duration right, understand the stacking order and discuss some troubleshooting tips related to objects placed on the timeline.

What’s in it for you?

After attending the session, you will be able to:

  • Set the duration of the objects right
    • Move content along the Timeline
    • Avoid the ‘feature’ that locks an object to the end of the slide
    • Position at the right place to start with
    • Display for Options
  • Work with objects that Pause the Project
    • Issues that can occur in the Timeline
    • Difference between Continue and Goto Next Slide
    • Examples of when to use either approach
    • Avoid Object Fade Out Issues
  • Work with the Stacking (Z)-Order
    • Group objects in the Timeline
    • Importance of relative position in the timeline to the way the objects are presented on the slide
    • Some general guidelines for best practice

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  2. I have trouble bringing up my timeline, though once I’m in it, I’m better. How do you pull it up if part of it is hiding? I’ve tried Windows>Timeline and I don’t have the option in View I’ve seen in the forums. I have Cap 5.5. Right now I have the part of my timeline that is the audio I just recorded but not what I did the other day. Sigh….any clues?

    If you are taking suggestions for this workshop (I’ll definitely be there), I’d love to know more about syncing with Powerpoint slides.


  3. It’s great that they have a training session to discuss all these mystifying issues. Too bad Adobe has no decent documentation so that one can only learn these basics by sitting through an hour-long audio session in which people speak slowly. The title “The Time-line Demystified” is an admission by Adobe that they implemented the timeline in a mystifying way that breaks any notion of usability and makes even basic things hard to do if one doesn’t listen through a talk such as this.

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