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Text-to-Speech in Adobe Captivate 5.5 – Create and Reuse!

There are different ways of adding audio to an eLearning project in Adobe Captivate 5.5 and one of the ways is to convert Text to Audio with the powerful functionality of  Text-to-Speech in Adobe Captivate. As I was thinking about it, a thread in LinkedIn drew my attention, that talked about creating Text-to-Speech audio and then reusing that audio in a different project. Leslie Bivens, an Adobe Captivate Expert, has added her comments with a solution and I thought of creating a tutorial based on that… Thank you Leslie 🙂

Watch this video to understand more about how to create Text-to-Speech and reuse it in Adobe Captivate.

14 Responses

  1. Very helpful video on text – to – speech. So I learned that.
    But I want to know how you recorded the screen. Which tool did you use, and how do you ZOOM in on the screen, when you record the screen. I have Adobe Captivate 5.5

  2. This was an interesting tutorial, as I have never used this feature before.
    Let’s say you have portioned your audio among slides, and then you need to insert another slide into the group. Is there an easy way to adjust which portions of audio are connected with each slide, or would you have to start over?

  3. This was a great tutorial. I was wondering about two things:
    1. CP5.5 is shipped with English voices. Is it also possible to import other language voices like Dutch into CP 5.5?
    2. With which app did you record this video anyway??

  4. Do you have a video on how to do the screen changes from the software to you talking on your webcam and the simultaneous webcam/software screen. Switching between screens like that creates a lot of visual interest.

  5. I am considering the purchase of Captivate, to support school staff training. Your powerful presentation has shown its usefulness in using TTS. Thank you – one of the best presentations I have seen, with extremely clear explanations.

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