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#AdobeCaptivate 6 Sneak Peek 01: Publish to HTML5

With the upcoming release of Adobe Captivate 6 just round the corner, I can’t wait to show you a peek into the new and improved workflows in Captivate. So, let me start with my favorite feature in Captivate 6. Enjoy! 🙂

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Happy captivating! 🙂

21 Responses

  1. As Christopher Dawes, I’d like to know if full Captivate functionality is supported, including all interactive features and the various Captivate effects (rotate, entrance, and so forth). What is NOT supported in the HTML5 conversion for ‘i’ devices?

    • Hi Barbara,

      We’ll go into a lot more detail when the release comes – but you might want to check out the recent mLearning eSeminar for some general ideas about mLearning differences. One thing for example that is different about iOS is that it uses ‘touch’ to control user input to the device. This means that things like rollovers, which have become pretty mainstream in eLearning are not going to be the norm at all for mobile learning solutions. You’ll find more information about this and other mLearning issues when considering development for iOS in the recent mLearning eSeminar.


  2. great presentation and HTML 5 is long needed. Too bad the interactions do not support video as is the case with any of the Snap! or Articulate competitors for the same or less money.

  3. Hi, I’m having a problem with captivate 6 when publishing to html5. It says that the rollover captions are not supported, and thus they don’t work after publishing. This is a very important feature in my e-learning courses. Can you please suggest an alternative.
    I would very much appreciate your quick reply.

  4. Hello Pooja,

    Using Captivate 6, I publish for HTML 5 and check it on ipad its work perfectly, but i am not able run same output on android device. could you please suggest what should i do for the same?

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