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Here’s the list of eSeminars we’ve planned for the month of July. Feel free to register for the eSeminars you wish to attend.


Topic: Learner Intervention & Course Collaboration in eLearning

Date and time: Wednesday, 10th July, 2013 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM US/Pacific

Description: Tracking your quiz results is wonderful, but what about the role of real, live, important and thought provoking discussion. Why should conversation be missing from our eLearning? It doesn’t need to be.  Join Dr. Allen Partridge as he demonstrates simple methods that you can use to integrate effective and immediate learner communication, questions, conversations and even track those contributions as the instructor using Adobe eLearning tools. You won’t want to miss this amazing session.  Register for Free today!

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Topic: What’s New in Adobe Captivate 7

Date and time: Thursday, 11th July, 2013 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM US/Pacific

Description: Join Dr. Pooja Jaisingh to learn about the exciting new features and enhancements in Adobe Captivate 7. During this demonstration, you will learn how to use the new interactions, drag-and-drop, HTML5 enhancements, shared advanced actions, accessibility enhancements, system audio, equation editor, and more. Register today!

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Topic: Moving from Knowledge Hoarding to Knowledge Sharing with Adobe Presenter Video Creator

Date and time: Wednesday, 17th July, 2013 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM US/Pacific

Description: There is a fundamental problem that exists in the typical business workplace today. Chances are that you or someone in your office is already painfully aware of it. We’ve seen an explosion in the number of people whose jobs are directly related to their expertise, and for whom ‘what they know’ has become a kind of ‘insurance’ plan.

Have you ever heard a colleague proclaim “If I’m the only one who knows how to do this, ‘they’ can never fire me.”

We’ve all heard similar comments and perhaps even nodded along, or said the words ourselves. But what is the actual cost of this kind of environment of knowledge hoarding. Research in fact suggests that it cuts much deeper than just the upfront issues with bottle necks and heavy retraining costs. The most serious costs of a knowledge hoarding culture are that the institution is stifled when it comes to innovation.

In this session Dr. Allen Partridge will share research on Knowledge sharing and demonstrate how Adobe Presenter Video creator can close the technology gap and facilitate a knowledge sharing culture in your organization.

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Topic: Create HTML5 Courses with Adobe Captivate 7

Date and time: Thursday, 18th July, 2013 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM US/Pacific

Description: Join Dr. Pooja Jaisingh to learn how to create interactive eLearning content and publish it to mobile devices, including iPad, using the HTML5 publish option in Adobe Captivate 7. Send scoring data from these courses to leading Tin Can-, SCORM- and AICC-compliant LMSs and track learner progress. Also learn about the different publishing/embedding options for Adobe Captivate 7 courses to create apps and eBooks for devices.

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Topic: Adobe Presenter for Total Beginners

Date and time: Wednesday, 24th July, 2013 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM US/Pacific

Description: Learn to create your first eLearning course using Adobe Presenter. Dr. Allen Partridge will guide you through an overview of Adobe Presenter. You’ll learn to work with basic content, insert quizzes, manage and share your courses and even create cool show and tell videos.

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Topic: Interactivity using Actions: Basics and Advanced – Part 9

Date and time: Thursday, 25th July, 2013 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM US/Pacific

Description: Adding interactivity to an eLearning course improves the engagement level with the learners. Join Dr. Pooja Jaisingh in a multi-part series session to learn about the basics of Actions and Advanced Actions in Adobe Captivate. In these sessions, she will be showcasing some real-life eLearning examples to explain the concepts better.

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  1. The “Create HTML5 Courses with Adobe Captivate 7” session seemed much more like a new product showcase, than a how-to. I’ve used HTML5 output in Captivate 5.5 and 6 and had a lot of issues with the final published files. It would be nice to have a ‘build, deploy, and troubleshoot’ session too. What are some potential problem areas, etc. Thanks.

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