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best-of-show-vendor-badgebest-open-entry-badgeLast month at DevLearn 2013 conference, I participated in the 9th Annual eLearning DemoFest event and showcased an Interactive eBook for iPad on how to use Adobe Presenter to create eLearning courses. There were 81 participants at DemoFest showing off their latest and greatest development efforts, offering the DevLearn conference attendees an opportunity to see a wide variety of solutions to common eLearning challenges, and information about the tools, technologies and processes they used to build them. And the good news is that we won Best of Show-Vendor and Best Open Entry awards for the interactive eBook on Adobe Presenter.demofest-pooja

What was the purpose of creating this eBook?

Adobe Presenter 9 is an authoring tool to create eLearning courses rapidly. There are tons of recorded webinars, video tutorials, and help guides available for learning how to use the tool, but there’s no book available on how to optimally use the tool to create effective eLearning. This eBook is an attempt to provide one-stop solution to create eLearning courses using Adobe Presenter 9.

Which tools were used to create this eBook?

This eBook was brought to life using various Adobe tools and services. Here’s a list of tools I used:

  • Adobe Photoshop: To design the page layouts and artwork
  • Adobe Captivate: To record the simulation, add quiz questions and interactions
  • Adobe Presenter: To record HD demonstrations
  • Adobe Muse: To create interactions
  • Adobe Edge Animate: To create HTML5 animations
  • Adobe InDesign: To create the eBook and embed artwork, simulations, interactions, questions, and animations build using other tools.
  • Adobe Digital Publishing Suite: To publish the eBook

How can you get access to it?

Let me know by leaving a comment here or send me a tweet @poojajaisingh and I’ll give you access to the eBook.

Update: This eBook is now published as a free iPad app. Please follow this link on your iPad to download the eBook.

Want to learn more about it?

Join me on 5th December 2013, at 8:00 AM PT to learn how I created this interactive eBook. Here’s the recording link.

Also, if you’re interested in looking at all the winning entries at DevLearn DemoFest 2013, join the eLearning Guild event on 13th November at 10:00 AM PT.

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  1. Hi Pooja! I would be interested in a copy of the ebook. I installed already Adobe Content Viewer on my iPad to access the eBook. Please shared it with me!

  2. Dear Dr. Jaisingh
    I’d love to get a copy of the book, I find your tutorials very useful, hopefully it will give me a jump start on creating my eLearning courses.
    Alok Gupta

  3. Hi Pooja, I missed the the webinar this morning. Will it be posted for later viewing? Would also love to see your eBook. I already have Adobe Content Viewer on my iPad. Thanks.

  4. Dear Pooja,I am excited to discover that you have written this book because I follow you on youtube all the time. Please can you share it with me? I am an e-learning educator, Captivate and CC subscriber.

  5. Hi Dr. Jaisingh, thanks for offering this eBook. Please kindly grant me access to it. Can I read it on a Mac laptop (OS: Maverick) or an Android device?

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