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What is the difference between a normal (blank) and a responsive project?

A responsive project allows you to design your module to display perfectly across different devices easily. A normal project does not offer the option to preview and adjust your objects for different views.

Normal project

Responsive project

Publish as SWF, HTML5, and video

Publish as HTML5 only

Allows rollover options such as Rollover Caption, Rollover Image, and Rollover Slide let

Does not allow rollover options

Supports text animations

Does not support text animations

Adjust dimensions of objects using the Option section in the Property tab in the Property Inspector.

Adjust dimensions of objects in the Position tab in the Property Inspector.

More effects supported

Number of effects supported is fewer

2 Responses

  1. Everyone is focusing on mobile design but I still use normal projects for a lot of my clients, especially when their LMS is still only accessible through PCs. One advantage of using normal projects that is not mentioned here, is that you are not just limited to web safe fonts. Normal projects render text captions and objects containing text into images, even when you publish for HTML5. This has the effect of giving you access to countless numbers of fonts to choose from. The only exception to this would be text that contain variables.

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