March 31, 2017
Common Accessibility Issues
March 31, 2017
Common Accessibility Issues
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Just wanted to put out some recurrent issues we’ve been running into and how we address them:

Problem: Inaccessible screens in projects – When trying to use Inspect or other accessibility tools to check readability of objects inside a published Captivate project, the tool cannot get beyond reading the information associated with the slide level. 

Current solution: This seems to be associated with publishing as a swf – either in combination (swf/html5) or swf only. We’re now only publishing as html5.

Problem: No Project Title – when a project is being published, the title is missing. 

Current Solution: Make sure the full project title gets inserted as follows:

info pagemaanifest

This seems to be the only way to ensure the title is read correctly.

Problem: Inconsistent or missing Slide Titles using the placeholder

Current Solutions: The title of any Captivate slide will be read as the slide title on entry if it is inserted in the slide title box in the properties tag for the slide   

prop tag    

If you would rather leave the slide title area blank, you can call out a slide title you inserted in a text box as “the title” and not simply as text by setting up your accessibility box as follows

slide name




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