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Getting the Resizing Options Back in Fluid Boxes

As I’ve been working with fluid boxes, I’ve noticed that the resizing options, those little blue items you see when you first place them, tend to go away as soon as you click anywhere else.
2017-04-19 21_40_54-untitled1.cptx_
Looking through the limited documentation, I couldn’t find a way to bring those little bluebells back. 
I just accidentally discovered how to do it! If you click anyplace offstage and then drag the mouse anywhere onto the stage, the piercing blue eyeballs return!
2017-04-19 21_59_06-untitled1.cptx_
I hope this helps.

7 Responses

  1. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for pointing that out. I have included this step and one more step in the docs.

    Click anywhere in the staging area and select the parent Fluid Box in the Fluid Box Selector section. You can see that the handles return.


  2. Just working with Fluid Boxes for first time, getting them created is giving me a problem. Brand new responsive project, I click on Fluid boxes, Vertical, 3 boxes, and nothing happens. I only have the one big parent Fluid box. It seems to be hit or miss whether they even get created or not when I click on the button. Am I missing something?

    • Jeff,

      Fluid Boxes take a bit of time to get used to. But after the initial hiccups, you will find that working with Fluid Boxes is as easy as anything can be. If you want to get the child Fluid Boxes, follow the steps mentioned by Joe and me.

      Let me know of your experience with Fluid Boxes.


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