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Adobe Captivate Draft: Great Concept, Good Tool, But Not Enough To Make Me Buy An iPad

I am a PC and Android user 100%, so I had to borrow my daughters iPad to test out Adobe Captivate Draft.  As a designer, I am a true believer in storyboarding. I believe that creating a master document that shows your plan of action is good for both the builder and the client, so I wanted to see if Adobe Captivate Draft had enough for me to invest in an iPad of my own.

I found the ability to create storyboards, share those storyboards with others (other iPad users), let others review and provide suggestions, and then incorporate those suggestions in one package is a great idea. Then to be able to import your Captivate Draft product directly into Captivate and have your course built is awesome, but not enough to make me want to change how I currently design. With Captivate Draft, Captivate, and Captivate Prime a user could from design to implementation of an e-learning project all within the Adobe eLearning ecosystem.

I think that Captivate Draft is a nice tool for people who already own an iPad, and I can see how a course builder could use this tool to help them develop courses, but I do not think that it has enough to make seasoned designers want to change their ways, at least it wasn’t for me. I am aware of my device bias and I can honestly say that if the tool was available on Android I would have a copy on my Galaxy tablet, but I do not think I would change the way I currently storyboard projects to make this tool a central part of my design process.

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