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Gamified Mandatory Training Course

Here’s a mandatory training course I gamified with a fun interface, levels, and badges.  Try to get the three gold bars in the Interactive Gold Bar Challenges. The opening also presents a challenge in an interesting way – a nice routine day at any given hospital – when suddenly the fire alarm starts to ring.  Check it out.



5 Responses

  1. Chuck,

    Thank you for sharing your project. I found it to be an enjoyable way to receive information. Your use of gamification to engage personnel on a mandatory topic seems to be a very good idea. Please post how the intended audience for this training received it.

    • Hi Rollin,

      It was a very positive response. Keep in mind that, for years, learners had been subject to sitting in a classroom for an hour listening to someone drone on about some pretty boring material that they hope they’s never have to put into practice. It didn’t get that much better 10 years ago when they moved it to a “text and next” e-learning course. In fact, I think it became worse! You know that 80% of poor e-learning they’re always talking about – yep, that was one of those courses.

      Interestingly, one SME told me in planning this that “They’re here to work. They’re not here to have fun!” I never did hear his opinion after the course was developed.

      Thanks for the comment.



  2. I just wanted to chime in here; after sampling the course you built, even after completing the first module on the first level, I got a really good feeling from how the course is structured. It’s not too hard, but the visuals really help with retention. The one feature I really liked was how you create an implied contract: if you do this, I will give you this >> Great job! You did X, so here’s “what I promised you” – this positive reinforcement not only of completion of learning the material but also reinforcing the implied contract with a verbal call-back to the “deal” you offer participants (gems for completion) sends a very powerful, positive subliminal message. You have a form of “badges,” but each one is meaningful. The *only* change I might make is to use 4 different shapes for each gem on each level, so that the combination of gem shape and gem color comes to symbolize the specific content learned in that sub-module. Not really necessary but if there is one unique gem + shape combination for each of the 12 sub-modules, it might create a more specific mnemonic function. Also, I thought your voice sounds fine and the audio quality was great. I worked in radio and I do voice-overs, and I don’t think it would add anything significant to change the VO. Fantastic job here! jmg

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