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Started to develop an e learning course with great experience – Captivate 2017

While I was searching for an e learning devolopment tool it was no long time that it was clear. I will use Adobe Captivate. Many articles where is written that it is difficult to use for no-adobe-users did not confirm.


I downloaded at midnight, installed it and began. I failed. But no Problem. I googled for the Basics and I found a mass of Information about it. The best tutorials and hints for beginners on YouTube on the channel of Paul Wilson. He is a great developer, who helped me to learn the basics in 48 hours and he is the reason why I am writing this testimonial. Here is the link to his channel for every beginner like me:


I think this Software is really as good as I expected of Adobe.


Have a great day and fun with Adobe Captiavte 2017 everyone!


Gabriel Müller

I am sorry if my english in this testimonial is not perfect. I am from Germany

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  1. Hi Gabriel,

    Welcome to the Captivate world! I hope you enjoy this tool as much as I do to produce qualilty e-learning. I’ve heard it said that 80% of all e-learning produced is not very good. Captivate will help you get into that 20% where everyone wants to be.

    Paul Wilson has some awesome stuff out there. As I told him in a post just yesterday, he has unknowingly saved me on more than one occasion. To help with your Rolodex of expertise, I’ll throw two more names out to you regarding training. If you ever see their names on webinars or at conferences, but sure to attend their stuff. Joe Ganci is the first name. He is the Captivate guru (not taking anything away from Paul). Another is Pooja Jaisingh. In fact, I see her name in the Related links below. She used to work with Adobe so who better to know this product.

    Anyway, check them out. And in the meantime, Happy Captivating!


  2. Thanks for the kind words, Chuck! I’ve been keeping a little too busy but I promise you all that I’ll be back here with full thrusters soon enough. I’m grateful that Paul Wilson and Pooja Jaisingh, both superb Captivate developers and trainers, are continuing to contribute as much as they are! You guys are fantastic!

    I also see some other great names here lately and am happy to be part of such a great community.

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