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Adobe Captivate 2017: Powerful!

I am very excited to be using Adobe Captivate 2017.  What an outstanding tool!  I tired the 30 day trial a few months ago and while I was impressed, I thought that I needed more time to really consider what I could do in the future with such a powerful tool.  After purchasing Adobe Captivate 2017, reviewing the short tutorials and taking an Adobe Captivate 2017 course on, I feel like Adobe Captivate 2017 will provide me with all I need to do a great job on my next eLearning project without any problems.  The design, power, and ease of use of Adobe Captivate 2017 has prompted me to consider several new eLearning projects to complete in the near future.  Finally, a great plus when using Adobe Captivate 2017 is that you know that help along with access to users with cutting-edge ideas are a click away in the Adobe Captivate community.

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  1. I am still learning how to use Captivate after only a few weeks. Can you recommend any useful free resources to assist with learning the basics – I am a secondary science teacher looking to use this in a :”flipped classroom” setting.

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