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Geolocation Variable test

Hi everyone,


I wish to test the geolocation variable in captivate.

– In order, I create a very easy slide with an avatar who say “hello my name is Ben” when the use is in UK, and “Bonjour, je suis Ben!”  when the learner is in France. Picture 1 :



– Then I create 2 geolocation variable : one UK location / one France location.

Picture 2 :



– Next step I create an conditional advance action who show or hide the right text caption. Picture 3-4.




– Final step, I publish the slide on my moodle here the result, for information I m in France, and the preview show the France caption.



I wish to know if the process is good, and if someone in UK wish to test and see the english caption message ?




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  1. Hi Chris,

    I’m not in the UK but I did something similar to this for the Adobe Learning Summit in Las Vegas. Did you know that you can preview your project and use the controls that will appear on the upper left-hand corner of your screen to simulate the alternate locations? It’s a great way to test it out.

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