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In this video, I congratulate the Adobe eLearning Community for turning one year old, remind everyone about the Learning Summit in Las Vegas and reveal a little-known secret on how you can get Adobe eLearning software and a trip to Vegas for FREE!


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  1. Thank you for your post. I really enjoy watching your tutorials. I had a question regarding the levels of Wizard and Legend. Let’s imagine that I gained Wizard status (1,000 points) for the first tine in June 2017 which restarted my calendar year. However, by June 2018 I had only earned 500 points. Would my level then switch to Masters? Or, do I get to keep my Wizards status but now my total points for the calendar year is 1,500? Another scenario is if I was able to obtain Legend status for the first time in May 2018 by earning 5,000 points. However, at the end of May 2019, I only earned 1,300 points. Would my status revert to Wizard?

    • Hi student_learner,

      Thanks for writing to us.

      Let me generalize the system for you. Here’s how you accumulate points:

      You start at Newbie Level with 0 points. From this point onwards till one calendar year (i.e. 365 days) you should try to contribute and move up the levels upon achieving their respective thresholds.
      Remember, each time you attain a new level, your calendar year start point gets reset and you get another calendar year(i.e. 365 days) from that point onwards to move to the next level.

      You need to score at least your current level’s threshold points in the upcoming calendar year from the point of attainment of your current level, in order to maintain your current level (considering you do not achieve the next level in this process).

      For example:
      If your current level is Explorer with 50 points, and in the upcoming calendar year, you only gain 60 points (summing to 110 points). At the end of the year, you will still be an Explorer but your points will get reset to 50 points.

      Q:If I am a Master, but I don’t score more than 50 points in a year, what happens to my level?
      A:You become a Newbie.

      Q:If I am a Master, but attain more than 50, but less than 150 points in a year, what happens to my level?
      A:You become an Explorer.

      Q:If I am a Master, but attain more than 150, but less than 500 points in a year, what happens to my level?
      A:You become a Guide

      Q:If I am a Wizard and I gain more than 1000 points in a year, what happens then?
      A:You remain a Wizard. The new points get added to your existing points.

      In case of any additional query, feel free to contact me


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