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Pause/play button and a custom drag and drop (issues)

Hi Everybody,

I’m working on a eLearning and ran into a few tiny hiccups that I think can be fixed easily. The problem is that I can’t seem to find a solution.
Here are the problems i’m having.

Pause/play toggle:
I used a tutorial (and I don’t remember which one) to build a pause/play toggle button that pauses the timeline and plays again after¬†pushing the button again.
The problem with this button is, that for the first time to pause the timeline, I have to push the button twice. After that, it starts working perfectly.

Custom drag and drop slide:
Here I have a few small issues.
– When pressing Submit, my submit button disappears (this is not a big issue. Think I’ve already asked this ones and it can not be fixed)
– What also disappears after a few seconds, is my response text. This should stay in the screen till the end and right now it doesn’t
– This slide has a voiceover MP3 running in the back. When I tapp the pause/play toggle button to pause the sound and push submit to answer my question. The voiceover starts playing again after pushing the submit button.

Maybe it can not be fixed and I need to build a complete new structure, i’m happy to hear any tips!
If anybody needs more info, screenshots or script examples of the toggle button, please let me know.



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  1. Did you use my blog post about play/pause? In that case, please post this as a question with a screenshot of the advanced action and the timeline.
    About the automatic feedback message after submitting the Drag&Drop: instead of using that automatic feature, use the Success and Failure events to trigger an advanced (or shared) action that shows a previously hidden text.
    As for the audio: which type of audio? Only slide audio can be paused and resumed. Object audio and audio started by ‘Play Audio’ cannot be controlled that way.

    • Hi Lieve,

      I think the tutorial was form a guy on youtube. But I will look into your tutorial. Maybe this will fix the issue.

      For the second issue, thanks I will give it a try.

      For the audio I used MP3 files added to the timeline. I can pause and resume it, but when it’s paused and I submit my question. The sound starts playing again. I would love it to still be off when I choose to submit my answer.

        • Hi Lieve,

          Sorry for the late response. The project was put on hold for a while so I had to jump into other projects.

          I changed a few things in my eLearning but I still bump into the same issues.
          I’m now using the normal control bar functionality from Captivate, so I took out my selfmade controls.

          Here are the issues that I still have:

          MP3 voiceover:
          When I enter a slide with a MP3 voice over and want to pause this with the normal play/pause button from Captivate, I still have to click it twice before it pauses.

          Video in timeline:
          When I enter a slide that has a video running in the timeline of the slide. So no stream, and I want to pause that video and use the play/pause function for this. I can’t pause it. The video has it’s player set to none as I want it to be part of the design.If I would choose a player I think those buttons would pause the video, but I need it to pause when using the control bar with all the controls.

          In Storyline I use to do this all the time and I remember I could do this also in Captivate in the past.

          Here is an example of the video file that I can not pause : http// it’s on the second slide

          Any help is welcome



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