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Welcome to Adobe eLearning Community, the new hub for all eLearning professionals –

  • Adobe eLearning Community is a platform to learn, engage, connect with 100K+ eLearning Professionals or ask just about anything related to eLearning & Adobe Captivate
  • This platform offers a wide variety of Getting Started videos, blogs and a range of advanced eLearning articles
  • You can now seamlessly contribute and showcase your work on this platform. Create your profile to increase visibility within the eLearning ecosystem.
  • Needless to add, you’ll also be the first to hear about product announcements from Adobe Captivate & all the yearly events that happen at Adobe.
  • There are special incentives that we offer when you sign up & contribute to the Adobe eLearning Community portal.

We encourage you all to make the best out of this platform to know what’s happening in the eLearning world and keep yourself up to date with Adobe Captivate. Looking forward to seeing you all in the Adobe eLearning Community!


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  1. Is this where we are supposed to be able to watch or purchased content on Adobe KnowHow? I received an email saying Adobe KnowHow is going away but none of the links to download my purchased content work. I have sent emails to Akshay Bharadwaj but he is not responding. I feel like I have been scammed. Who do I turn to?

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