Using Captivate 2017 I can’t publish html5 nor preview, Can you please help me to fix it?

I have installed the latest version of Captivate. I tried to publish and preview my project in both swf and html5, but it shows a spinning gif on a white page. The html5 does not load at all on any browser. I restarted my computer and got the same result. Can you please help me to fix it?




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  1. Hi Mohammed, Sorry to hear of your issues.
    Couple of questions;
    D you have lots of video?
    Are you using any extra JavaScript (sometimes you need to publish and upload to a proper webserver for JavaScript to work)
    Do you have a lot of assets in your library (unused Assets?)
    Have you executed the HTML5 Tracker (Project > HTML5 Tracker)
    Have you tried previewing in a different browser (copy and paste the URL from the launched browser into another browser address bar)
    Have you actually published the project and uploaded to a web server to test
    Have you tried to Preview in SCORM cloud option

    • Thanks for replying, I do not have videos or audios. I have checked the HTML5 tracker and it shows “unsupported slide/object”. I have tried previewing in a different browser. I tried to preview in SCORM cloud option and it did not work too only shows spinning gif.

      Well, I do not know about the JavaScript. I did not use that much assets.

      Also, I created another project only 2 slides and it did not work. I assume the problem is not with the project may be in the Captivate itself.


      • Hi,

        If you are on MAC then we have a new build that will fix the below issue with Captivate 2017 and Mac High Sierra.

        Please follow the below steps to install the new build:

        Uninstall the current build of Adobe Captivate 2017 from your system.

        Go to: /Application/Adobe Captivate/Uninstall. Make sure to check “Remove Preferences” from the uninstall screen).

        Download the new build from the below link:

        Now run: Captivate_2017_LS21.dmg file to begin the installation.

        Once installed check the issue again.



  2. I have Captivate 2017 ( I publish to my machine. Preview works fine. I move (entire published folder) to web fully function web server and only get the preloader. This appears to be the latest update of the software. Do I need to do an uninstall/Remove Preferences/reinstall of the link you provided?

    Please advise.

  3. I just started having this same issue today on a PC (Win 7). Tried viewing on I.E. and Google and just get a spinning animation. I created the original file in 2015 and updated with Captivate 2017 and removed all the issues that HTML Tracker indicated. I just completed a project last week and it worked fine locally and on the LMS, now today it does not.

    • Hi Steve, have you cleared the cache (under preferences), also do you have video embedded in the project? have you tried publishing as HTML and viewing the published output. It may also be a cache in the browser? Also try Preview in SCORM Cloud.

  4. Dear Mayank,
    I have had a similar problem, on current version of MacOS 10.13.3. I uninstalled the patched version of Captivate and installed the above (
    I do not have videos or audio, I’ve cleaned out unused assets, and have no javascripts other than those done by Captivate. The HTML5 tracker shows nothing in the “unsupported slide/object” box. I have turned off the playbar, and preloaders.

    With all this, I’m getting close. When uploaded to my server (not an LMS, just a website), it almost works in Safari. I.e., it plays and works properly, EXCEPT in the table of contents, the “bookmark” image at the top is missing and as you go through the course, the checkmark images (showing how far you’ve gone through the course) come up as missing image icons as well.

    HOWEVER, in Firefox and Chrome, I just get a blank white page.
    The debugging menu Firefox registers three problems:
    unreachable code after return statement: CPXHRLoader.js:13541:12 and
    CPXHRLoader.js%20line%2037%20%3E%20eval:13541:12 AND NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE:

    In Chrome:
    Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute ‘drawImage’ on ‘CanvasRenderingContext2D’: The HTMLImageElement provided is in the ‘broken’ state.
    at cp.toc.tocEntry.bookmarkOnClick (eval at e (, :1360:3)
    at cp.toc.tocEntry.createBookmark (eval at e…CPXHRLoader.js:37:226), :1362:419)
    at cp.toc.tocEntry.createEntry (eval at e …/CPXHRLoader.js:37:226), :1385:326)
    at cp.toc.tocConstruct.createTOCEntries (eval at e…CPXHRLoader.js:37:226), :1391:243)
    at cp.toc.tocConstruct.createTOC (eval at e …CPXHRLoader.js:37:226), :1425:165)
    at HTMLImageElement.tocAssetsLoaded (eval at e…CPXHRLoader.js:37:226), :1438:249)

    While I’m not a programmer, these suggested to me the problem is in the TOC rendering. Indeed, when I republished without the TOC, the html5 output works perfectly in all three browsers.

    However, I really need the TOCs, particularly for my longer courses. What can we do to fix this?
    Thank you.

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