October 8, 2018
Using Shortcut Keys to Increase Your Productivity
October 8, 2018
Using Shortcut Keys to Increase Your Productivity
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Shortcut keys provide an easier and quicker way to navigate and use Adobe Captivate. They let you use keyboard key combinations instead of a mouse or program menu. The common shortcut keys are listed in the table.  It’s amazing just how much time you can save when you know the shortcut keys to use when using Captivate

Here is a full list of all the shortcut keys available for Captivate.  There are certain ones that you will use over and over and some that you will only use in a while, you decide which ones to learn and use to increase your productivity.

Shortcut key Action
F1 (Win & Mac) Open Adobe Captivate Help (To access dialog-box-level help, click the Help button on individual dialogue boxes.)
F2 (Win & Mac) Rename the selected object
F3 (Win & Mac) Test view the current slide
F4 (Win & Mac) Preview the project
F5 (Win & Mac) Record audio
F6 (Win & Mac) Import audio
F7 (Win & Mac) Perform a spelling and grammar check
F8 (Win only) Preview the project from current slide
F9 (Win only) Show the Advanced Interaction panel
F10 (Win only) Preview the current slide and the following “N” slides
F11 (Win), Command+F11 (Mac) Preview the project in a web browser (HTML)
F12 (Win), Command+F12 (Mac) Preview the project in a web browser (SWF)
Page Up (win & Mac) Scroll to the previous slide
Page Down (win & Mac) Scroll to the next slide
Alt+A (Win), Option+A (Mac) Create a question pool
Alt+Up, Down, Left, Right Arrows (Win), Option+Up, Down, Left, Right Arrows Click the object, click a resize handle, and use these options to resize the object in the selected direction by 1 pixel
Control+A (Win), Command+A (Mac) Select all
Control+B (Win), Command+B (Mac) Find audio in the Library/Change text to Bold
Control+C (Win), Command+C (Mac) Copy (slide in Filmstrip, and selected object on stage)
Control+D (Win) Duplicate (slide in Filmstrip, and selected object on stage)
Control+E (Win), Command+E (Mac) Extend the length of the object display time to the end of the slide on the Timeline
Control+F (Win), Command+F (Mac) Find/replace a particular object in the Project Library
Control+I (Win), Command+I (Mac) Increase the indent (selected object on stage)/Change text to Italics. Indentation is equal to the grid size.
Control+L (Win), Command+L (Mac) Sync the selected object to the playhead
Control+M (Win), Command+M (Mac) Merge the selected object with the background
Control+N (Win), Command+N (Mac) Open new project
Control+O (Win), Command+S (Mac) Open the project
Control+Q (Win), Shift+Option+R (Mac) Insert a random question slide
Control+R (Win), Command + R (Mac) Start/record new capture project
Control+S (Win), Command+S (Mac) Save
Control+T (Win), Command+T(Mac) Open project template
Control+U (Win) Underline the selected text
Control+V (Win), Command+V (Mac) Paste what is on the clipboard (for example, slide, image, object, and so on)
Control+W (Win), Command+W (Mac) Close the project
Control+X (Win), Command+X (Mac) Cut (selected object on stage)
Control+Y (Win), Command+Y (Mac) Redo
Control+Z (Win), Command+Z (Mac) Undo
Control+Enter (Win), Conmmand+Enter (Mac) Preview the project
Control+Alt+A (Win), Command+Option+A (Mac) Export PowerPoint slides as animation
Control+Alt+B (Win), Command+Option+B (Mac) Show or hide Filmstrip
Control+Alt+C (Win), Command+Option+C (Mac) Show the Closed Captioning dialog box
Control+Alt+D (Win), Shift+Option+D (Mac) Update the Library
Control+Alt+E (Win), Command+Option+E (Mac) Edit points of polygon drawing object
Control+Alt+F (Win), Command+Option+F (Mac) Find in the Library
Control+Alt+G (win), Command+Option+G (Mac) Create a slide group and autoadjust the rollover area
Control+Alt+H (Win), Command+Option+H (Mac) Hide the selected object
Control+Alt+I (Win), Command+Options+I (Mac) Find PowerPoint slides in the Library
Control+Alt+J (Win), Command+Option+J (Mac) Edit PowerPoint slides
Control+Alt+K (Win), Command+Option+K (Mac) Lock the selected object
Control+Alt+L (Win), Command+Option+L (Mac) Show or hide the Library
Control+Alt+M (Win), Command+Option+M (Mac) Insert master slide
Control+Alt+N (Win), Command+Option+N (Mac) Show slide notes
Control+Alt+O (Win), Command+Option+O (Mac) Record additional slides
Control+Alt+P (Win), Command+Option+P (Mac) Remove a slide group.
Control+Alt+Q (Win), Option+Shift+Q (Mac) Show the Question Pools Manager
Control+Alt+S (Win only) Edit PowerPoint slide
Control+Alt+T (Win), Command+Option+T (Mac) Show or hide the Timeline
Control+Alt+U (Win), Command+Option+U (Mac) Library usage
Control+Alt+V (Win), Command+Option+V (Mac) Import video file
Control+Alt+X (Win), Command+Options X (Mac) Show/hide the SWF-Commenting pane
Control+Alt+Z (Win), Command+Option+Z (Mac) Show/hide the Widget panel
Shift+F7 (Win & Mac) Show objects style manager
Shift+F8 (Win), Command + , (Mac) Preferences dialog box
Shift+F9 (Win), Shift+Command+F9 (Mac) Actions dialog box
Shift+F10 (Win), Shift+Command+F10 (Mac) Table of contents
Shift+F11 (Win), Shift+ Command+F11 (Mac) Skin Editor panel
Shift+F12 (Win), Shift+Option+F12 (Mac) Publish the file
Shift+A (Win & Mac) Insert Animation placeholder
Shift+F (Win & Mac) Insert Flash video placeholder
Shift+R (Win & Mac) Insert rollover caption placeholder
Shift+O (Win & Mac) Insert rollover image placeholder
Shift+C (Win & Mac) Insert Text Caption placeholder
Shift+V (Win & Mac) Insert video place holder
Shift+M (Win & Mac) Insert Image placeholder
Shift+Q (Win), Option + Q (Mac) Insert Question slide placeholder
Shift+X (Win & Mac) Insert Text Animation placeholder
Shift+Alt+A (Win), Shift+Option+A (Mac) Show Audio Management panel
Shift+Alt+W (Win), Shift+Option+W (Mac) Close all the open projects
Shift+Alt+O (Win), Shift+Option+O (Mac) Insert recording slide placeholder
Shift+Alt+P (Win), Shift+Option+P (Mac) Import Photoshop file
Shift+Alt+S (Win), Shift+Option+A (Mac) Show Speech Management panel
Shift+Alt+V (Win), Shift+Option+V (Mac) Paste as Background
Shift+Alt+Up, Down, Left, Right Arrows (Win), Shift+Option+Up, Down, Left, Right Arrows Click the object, click a resize handle, and use these options to resize the object in the selected direction by 10 pixel
Shift+Control+A (Win), Shift+ Command+A (Mac) Add an animation object
Shift+Control+B (Win), Shift+Command+B (Mac) Add a new button
Shift+Control+C (Win), Shift+ Control+C (Mac) Add a new text caption
Shift+Control+D (Win), Command+Shift+D (Mac) View slide properties
Shift+Control+E (Win), Shift+Command+E (Mac) Insert a new zoom area
Shift+Control+F (Win), Shift+Command+F (Mac) Insert an FLV file
Shift+Control+H (Win), Shift+Command+H (Mac) Hide/show slide
Shift+Control+I (Win), Shift+Command+I (Mac) Decrease the indent
Shift+Control+J (win), Shift+Command+J (Mac) Insert a blank slide
Shift+Control+K (Win), Shift+Command+K (Mac) Add a new click box
Shift+Control+L (Win), Shift+Command+L (Mac) Insert a highlight box
Shift+Control+M (Win), Shift+Command+M (Mac) Add a new image
Shift+Control+N (Win), Shift+Command+N (Mac) Add a new animation slide
Shift+Control+O (Win), Shift+Command+O (Mac) Add a new rollover image
Shift+Control+P (Win), Shift+Command+P (Mac) Import PPT
Shift+Control+Q (Win), Shift+Q (Mac) Insert a question slide
Shift+Control+R (Win), Shift+Command+R (Mac) Insert a rollover caption
Shift+Control+S (Win), Shift+Command+S (Mac) Save the project with different name
Shift+Control+T (Win), Shift+Command+T (Mac) Insert a text entry box
Shift+Control+U (Win), Shift+Command+U (Mac) Insert the mouse
Shift+Control+W (Win), Shift+Command+W (Mac) Insert a widget
Shift+Control+X (Win), Shift+Command+X (Mac) Insert a text animation
Shift+Control+Y (Win), Shift+Command+Y (Mac) Copy the background
Shift+Control+Z (Win), Shift+Command+Z (Mac) Insert Slidelet
Shift + Control + Alt + B (Win), Shift+Command+Option+B (Mac) Show Branching View
Shift+Control+Alt+S (Win), Shift+Command+Option+S (Mac) Insert an image slide
Shift+Control+Alt+E (Win), Shift+Command+Option+E (Mac) Show/Hide effects panel
Shift+Control+V (Win), Shift+Command+V (Mac) Insert stencil slides
Shift+Control+G (Win), Shift +Command+G (Mac) Edit gradient

Magnification shortcuts

Shortcut key Magnification level
Control+1 (Win), Command + 1 (Mac) 100%
Control+2 (Win), Command + 2 (Mac) 200%
Control+3(Win), Command + 3 (Mac) 300%
Control+4 (Win), Command + 4 (Mac) 400%
Control+ – (Win), Command + – (Mac) Zoom out
Control++ (Win), Command + + (Mac) Zoom in
Control + 0 (win), Command + 0 (Mac) Best Fit Zoom / Center Align Workspace

Shortcut keys for recording

The following table lists the default shortcut keys used during recording. These shortcuts should be used only after you start the recording process. The same keys function differently when you are editing a project.

Shortcut key Action
Control+R (Win), Command + R (Mac) Start/record new capture project
Control+Alt+O (Win), Command+Option+O (Mac) Record additional slides
End (Win), Command+Enter (Mac) Stop recording
Delete (Win & Mac) Delete the current selection
Pause (Win), Command+F2 (Mac) Pause or resume recording
Print Screen (Win), Command +F6 (Mac) Capture a screenshot manually
F4 (Win & Mac) Preview project
F3 (Win & Mac) Preview single slide
F2 (Win & Mac) Edit caption text
F12 (Win & Mac) Preview project in the browser
F4 (Win), Command+F4 (Mac) Auto panning
F3 (Win), Command+F3(Mac) Manual panning
F7 (Win), Command+F7(Mac) Stop panning
F9 (Win), Command+F9 (Mac) Start Full Motion Recording
F10 (Win), Command+F10 (Mac) Stop Full Motion Recording
F11 (Win), Command+F11 (Mac) Snap recording window to mouse
F12 (Win), Command+F12 (Mac) Toggle mouse capture
2019-01-22 10:11:17
2019-01-22 10:11:17

This one is very helpful to all. For using any software or system we must aware of the shortcut keys. Thanks for sharing.

2019-01-18 19:08:35
2019-01-18 19:08:35

Is there a keyboard shortcut for Add Slide Note?
Thank you

2018-10-09 13:50:50
2018-10-09 13:50:50

Thanks for the effort. I agree with the fact that learning shortcut keys can save a lot of time.

2018-10-09 06:09:45
2018-10-09 06:09:45

You missed a lot of more useful shortcut keys, and I also believe you used outdated resources. The ones you mention are in the Help, which is often outdated. This is just confusing for users, not helpful.

Very useful shortcut keys use combination keys for moving, resizing bot of objects and timelines in the timeline panel. Please, don’t just copy information from the Help file but explore Captivate in depth. You’ll find a lot of shortcut keys in my blog.

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