December 17, 2018
Reporting Flavors: CARSTAR Auto Body Repair Experts – And how they use Dashboard Reports
December 17, 2018
Reporting Flavors: CARSTAR Auto Body Repair Experts – And how they use Dashboard Reports
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CARSTAR – About & Mission

CARSTAR is North America’s largest Multi-Shop Operator Network of franchisee owned collision repair outlets. It is a subsidiary brand of Driven Brands whose four verticals include Repair & Maintenance, Paint & Collision, Distribution, and Quick Lube. CARSTAR is a subsidiary of the Paint & Collision vertical.

This brand specializes in auto body repair, insurance, paint-less dent repair, storm damage repair and 24/7 accident assistance. CARSTAR takes pride in offering these services nationally, in a consistent and replicable model, gaining them the industry’s highest customer satisfaction ratings (

CARSTAR operates through its several franchisees spread across the USA and Canada. Franchisee owners invest in the branding and set-up of the outlets, while the head office takes care of the training of staff and employees across the network.


Training is delivered using the Adobe Captivate Prime LMS (Learning Management System), classroom sessions at their Learning Institute, and on the shop floor. The CARSTAR mission is “to create and deliver training programs that are immediately applicable, industry leading, and that are positive contributing factors to company growth.” (

CARSTAR training on the LMS has unique programs to train every employee in their specific role in a repair facility. Training programs are aligned with operations to make learning and implementation a seamless process.

The CARSTAR University, through which they deploy all training, is based on five Learning Pillars. These are:

  • Store and Employee Immersion
  • Technical Intelligence
  • Business Excellence
  • Customer Experience
  • People and Leadership Development

CARSTAR introduced the CARSTAR University in early 2018 to ensure delivery of the highest quality collision repair services. The University offers online educational programs with more than 700 role-based learning modules. The learning platform built using the Adobe Captivate Prime LMS is deployed across the USA and Canada with over 2000 franchise partners and employees enrolled. Still a growing initiative that now represents nearly 80% of the network, their training heads are committed to onboarding all franchisees and employees to a 100%. To ensure the consistent delivery and management of training programs CARSTAR has an in-house Education and Training team.

The training programs are aimed at providing all stores with the latest, most relevant training. Examples of training offered include:

  1. CARSTAR EDGE Training – a guide for franchisees to understand EDGE- the operational platform that drives performance.
  2. Direct Repair Program (DRP): requirement for insurers and best practice tools.
  3. I-CAR training – an international NPO that provides information and skills required to perform complete, safe and quality repairs.
  4. OEM Training – Training tools, guidelines and resources from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with the CARSTAR network.

The implementation of these training programs helps CARSTAR towards its goal of certification and consistency. For example, the I-CAR training is mandatory, and employees of all franchises must maintain a platinum level certification. Says Dean Fisher, COO, CARSTAR: “Investing in your team’s education and development is crucial for any successful business and to continue delivering the industry’s highest-quality repairs, we need the highest levels of training.” (

CARSTAR and the Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

CARSTAR has been a customer with Adobe Captivate Prime since 2017. After a year, the LMS has about 80% of the franchisees and their employees onboarded and enrolled in training programs. As theirs is a franchise-oriented enterprise, Denise Vanderveen (National Project Manager, L&D) states that they “cannot train all staff at one time or in one place. Therefore, the LMS (Adobe Captivate Prime) has been of great help in this aspect.”

With regard to the kind of content they use and where they source it from, Denise says that they have vendor partners from whom they source content. “Some of it is SCORM based content but we also use MP4 videos, webinars using Adobe Captivate, documents and PPTs.”

It is extremely important that employees of CARSTAR franchises are trained properly before they can conduct repairs or any services. Therefore, one of the biggest goals is to ensure and track enrollment and completion of training programs.

Using Dashboard Reports

Workers need to be certified in the various Skills before they can handle the job requirements. To this end, CARSTAR largely uses the Enrollment and Completion Reports in the Adobe Captivate Prime LMS for Courses and Learning Programs. The data from these reports helps them keep track of their key goal which is to ensure all workers are trained in the necessary skillsets.

Admins of the LMS use filters to segregate the Enrollment and Completion reports. The kind of reports they require include those filtered according to:

  • Managers and their groups,
  • States and Provinces (in the US and Canada), and
  • Stores

They further work with the data to understand on average how many employees per manager group are enrolled in Learning Programs and/or Courses, and of those how many complete them. Again, these are sorted by State/ Province and Stores.

This data allows the training department to have a precise count of how many managers in the various franchises use the training programs. Information which is then correlated with how well each store performs (reviews and revenue).

Currently CARSTAR measures the effectiveness of their training through feedback from learners and managers, and responses to questionnaires that they collate.

As they move forward with implementing key features of the Adobe Captivate Prime LMS, Denise affirms that they would like to explore other Reporting features that the LMS’s UI offers. The Effectiveness of Courses Report, for example, would be a more productive method of gathering feedback and monitoring the performance of learners, a tool CARSTAR is working on implementing.

L&D managers at CARSTAR also use the Learner Transcript frequently to generate reports on individual learners in the LMS. An LT provides information at the granular level, which helps them understand which courses an individual learner did or did not complete, along with additional details about the learner such as location, manager, modules completed or not, etc.

For more information on Dashboard Reports in Adobe Captivate Prime, do visit the Adobe Helpx section on Dashboard Reports in Adobe Captivate Prime.

If you are a member of the eLearning community at, here is an article on how to set up Dashboard Reports for your account with Adobe Captivate Prime.

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