April 22, 2019
7 Unexpected Profit-Driving Perks Of Investing In An LMS With xAPI
April 22, 2019
7 Unexpected Profit-Driving Perks Of Investing In An LMS With xAPI
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How To Profit From Investing In An LMS With xAPI

Your online training isn’t limited to ILT sessions or formal eLearning events. Which means that your current LMS may be only capturing part of the broader picture. A Learning Management System with xAPI, on the other hand, gives you the ability to retrieve, store, and organize information across multiple platforms. Even social and informal training activities that aren’t necessarily confined to the eLearning platform thanks to a built-in LRS (Learning Record Store). But can an LMS with xAPI really help you improve your profit margin?

  1. Allows You To Track Offline And Informal Learning Activities

The challenge that many eLearning professionals face when trying to monitor performance is that their tech simply can’t keep up. They’re using an LMS that lacks the capability to track offline activities that occur outside the structured training environment. That includes informal activities, such as social media discussions and impromptu learner-led live events. An LMS with xAPI changes all this by allowing you to disconnect and still monitor learner performance. Learners can participate in offline training events and then resync their progress when they log in to the system. All the information is shared via the Learning Record Store (LRS). This means that learners are more likely to engage and be motivated to train since they’re receiving credit for EVERY activity. Not just the ones that take place in the formal training setting.

  1. Monitor Mobile Learner Performance And Progress

A side benefit of being able to monitor offline learner progress is that mobile users can take their training with them. They aren’t limited to a PC that’s equipped with the software and has an internet connection. For example, they’re able to take a pop quiz to assess their knowledge or build real-world experience via a task simulation. An LMS with xAPI automatically syncs and updates their profile and path when they get into a Wi-Fi zone.

  1. Streamline The eLearning Data And Evaluation Process

Data mining in the world of eLearning is no small feat. Particularly if you have to carry out every stage of the process manually. Experience API simplifies and speeds up the task. You can quickly extract data thanks to the LRS feed and store them in a single location. As a result, there’s no time lag between when the activity occurs and when you can access the relevant data.

  1. Personalize The Online Training Process

The fact that there are no data processing lag times and that learners can train when it’s most convenient for them significantly enhances personalization. However, an LMS with xAPI takes that a step further by allowing learners to organize information however they prefer. They can also access online training resources that are more relevant to their needs because all the data is up-to-date. For example, the system automatically knows they’ve already completed an online training activity on their smartphone, and will recommend the next online training resource on their path. Everything is in constant communication, which enables greater personalization.

  1. Access To Big Data Of Higher Quality

Another major difference between xAPI and SCORM is that you can collect not only more Big Data, but higher quality information. Instead of just being able to monitor quiz scores or completion stats, you can view virtually any online training activity and action. From how they performed during the simulation to which online training resources they view more frequently on their mobile device. The information is also more accurate since there aren’t any processing or data migration/sharing delays.

  1. Provides A Seamless Training Experience

This is one of the biggest selling points for xAPI. Learners don’t have to worry about waiting until the next scheduled training session to brush up on skills. Or to explore a compliance topic that is still a bit hazy so that they don’t violate policy. An LMS with xAPI facilitates a seamless online training experience from one device to the next. Learners can start a module on the work PC then wrap it up on their tablet or smartphone. Everything is conveniently stored in the LRS, which means they can pick up right where they left off. You can even transfer objects between learning record stores. No information is lost in the shuffle and they get credit where credit is due.

  1. Tie Training Performance To Real World Objectives

One of the most notable xAPI benefits for organizations is that you can tie your training to business objectives and results. You’re able to develop an L&D strategy that maps out and monitors the entire employee development process. For example, monitor an individual’s performance to spot areas for improvement. Or take a more holistic approach by evaluating course participation rates on mobile devices. Then you can adjust your strategy accordingly to achieve the best results. It’s not just about seeing who completed which online training activity and how quickly. But evaluating how well they know the topic and can apply it in a practical setting based on their performance.

Investing in a new LMS with xAPI is not a task to be taken lightly. You need to do your homework to determine which platform is best for your budget. Take test drives, gather team input and conduct a needs analysis. However, all these profit-driving perks make it well worth the time and effort. You can boost learner engagement, gather more meaningful Big Data and tie training to business outcomes. Not to mention, enhance personalization so that learners get more from the online training experience and you drastically improve your ROI.

Are you ready to take the leap and choose an LMS with xAPI that delivers the total package? Adobe Captivate Prime features everything from personal learner dashboards to an API layer, allowing you to deliver targeted training to your team that’s accessible and trackable on any device.

For more details, please Adobe Captivate Prime team at captivateprimesales@adobe.com.

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