July 23, 2019
Time in Captivate – Part 3
July 23, 2019
Time in Captivate – Part 3
I'm a former teacher (and headmaster) in french primary schools. Now I work as a freelance on the net as a webmaster. I used to work with Flash for many years, but now I'm starting to discover Captivate and find it amazing !...
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Hello Captivaters !…

As I was playing with Time in Captivate, I had the idea to produce a clickable map with the “time zones”.

And wherever you are you could easily evaluate the time in another part of the globe !…

As I started my researches, I realize that there are not only 24 time zones but many more, depending of politics and the period of the year…

This is the project (with only 24 regular time zones) :


It seems simple but I hope I manage to make something happening with the local time zone of the viewer !… It means that Rod in Australia will arrive on a different slide as Paul in Canada !…

(In fact, I made 24 different slides, one for each time zones, and in each slide I put 24 clickable zones…)

Happy Captivating !…

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