August 6, 2019
Problems with Cornerstone OnDemand reports?
August 6, 2019
Problems with Cornerstone OnDemand reports?
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Due to problems I’ve been experiencing with SCORM records in Cornerstone OnDemand, I’m looking to see if other Captivate users have been having similar problems. There are three things I’ve been seeing:

  1. Duplicate records where an object set to report will appear in a report multiple times. Have had instances of quiz questions appear in a report twice or even more than 50 times.
  2. Missing records where an object set to report will not appear in a report. I can see that users have answered the first two questions of a quiz and the fourth question but the third question will not be in the report.
  3. Impossible records where a button set to report will have a response of “0” instead of a “1.” A button can only ever report as a “1” because “0” means it hasn’t been clicked yet therefore it wouldn’t even be on a report.

I can’t replicate any of these issues and I never know what object will experience one of these problems. Almost all users have a single record for each object that’s set to report but random users will have a report with one of these problems for a random object set to report.

After running a report and seeing a user that has one of these problems, I’ve then sent an e-mail asking them to let me know a few things in the hopes of finding something consistent between them. Unfortunately, they use different browsers, internet providers, have generally good connection speeds with low latency, and use wired and wireless connections.

If the problem is strictly a performance issue on the Cornerstone servers, I’ve changed one of the trainings to use the SendTrackingDataAtEnd template and unchecked the LMS Advanced Setting “Send Data On Every Slide.” My hopes with these changes is that if the problem is indeed with Cornerstone being overburdened by user requests then maybe reducing the request to the server with this one training will improve the consistency of records for users taking this one training.

So are there any other Captivate users that also use Cornerstone that have had any of these three issues as well? Was there a way to resolve these problems?

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