September 4, 2019
Flash to HTML5 Conversion: In-house vs Outsourcing
September 4, 2019
Flash to HTML5 Conversion: In-house vs Outsourcing
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flash to html5 conversionFlash would completely be phased out by 2020’s end. If your organization has a repository of Flash driven eLearning courses, you must get them converted to HTML5 to keep them usable. The moot question is that whether you should get the Flash to HTML5 conversion done in-house or through outsourced partner. Both have their pros and cons which you must weigh before taking a decision.

Flash: The Concept

Macromedia had launched this technology for helping in production and display of animated content, mobile games, desktop and web apps. Flash Player or its plugin is needed for viewing animations and graphics created in Flash over web browser or on desktop.

HTML5: The Concept

Hypertext Markup Language or HTML is world wide web’s (WWW) markup language. 5 indicates its 5th generation status (HTML standard).

Why You Must Convert Flash Files to HTML5?

Apple doesn’t recognize Flash’s authority as digital content distribution platform. And also, courses are non-responsive i.e. not friendly to mobile devices. In contrast, HTML5 runs on all platforms and assures responsive content distribution.

When you convert Flash to HTML5, you enjoy many benefits like:

  • Integration with newer technologies
  • Compatibility with multiple browsers and devices
  • Saving of battery power of devices
  • Creation of engaging learning modules
  • Improved security

Pros and Cons of Converting into HTML5 In-house

The advantages of in house flash to html5 conversion are many. They are enlisted below.

  • Support of well-qualified dedicated team
  • Alignment of outputs with organizational needs
  • Improved communication and adherence to timelines
  • Team would focus on your project only
  • Proper training can be given for skill enhancement
  • HTML5 skills can be used in other organizational projects

There are some disadvantages of carrying out the conversion in-house. These include:

  • Recruitment of new staff mandated if qualified staff not available
  • Investment on fresh training
  • Qualified instructional designers have to be hired if not available in-house
  • Securing specialized resources can be a problem

Special resources are needed if Flash courses contain interactivities, graphics, games, quizzes and animation.

Pros and Cons of Converting Flash to HTML5 by Outsourcing 

Your decision to outsource flash to html5 conversion to a digital conversion company can have many advantages. These include:

  • Access to qualified and experienced team
  • High volume of conversions can be accomplished within short deadlines
  • Complex functionalities can be addressed conclusively
  • Unique conversion aspects can be done with company’s resources
  • Lower turnaround time can be achieved
  • All errors in converted files would be eliminated
  • Familiarity with authoring tools and specific conversion needs can come in handy
  • Right tools are used in alignment with volume and complexities of conversion
  • Large number of courses can be converted and redesigned

However, when you decide outsourcing Flash content to HTML5 conversion through a outsourcing company which is located in other part of the world, communication and coordination issues can show up due to time zone and linguistic differences. This can cause project delays. Your expectations may not be fully met.

At the end of the day, your choice would typically depend on your current business scenario. Both the alternatives come with their individual set of pros and cons and you must properly weigh the benefits against the risks before you choose an option. To  make sure that you are making the right decision, you may consider knowing the top things before outsourcing Flash to HTML5 conversion

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2019-09-05 07:55:38
2019-09-05 07:55:38

Why not talk about the limitations of HTML5 output vs SWF output (it is the Flash Player which will disappear, the Flash app is still the base of most games, but has been renamed)? Lack of standardisation, difference in support by the browsers (and their versions)?  That is also the reality.

Conversion – have offered training and consultancy for that conversion – can be a great opportunity to upgrade the many outdated courses. Not only the output is different, but lot has evolved in the eLearning world and I have seen really very old courses still around.

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