December 11, 2019
JSON Files Workaround and a flash question
December 11, 2019
JSON Files Workaround and a flash question
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With a bit more searching, I found that there was a work around posted over a year ago by a Michael (sorry, didn’t copy his entire user name to give him credit), but here is what he posted:

I encountered the same issue as you. If you haven’t solved it, or for those others who stumble upon this, this is the solution I employ before uploading to SharePoint:

Open the index.html and change the references of the .json files to .txt
(i.e. CHANGE
var imagesJSONFiles  = [‘dr/imgd.json]
var imagesJSONFiles  = [‘dr/imgd.txt].
Depending on the size and assets of your video, there may be multiple instances.
In the .dr folder, change all the files’ extensions from .json to .txt.
img1.json TO img1.txt
imgmd.json TO imgmd.txt
Open the newly renamed imgmd.txt file and change all .json extensions to .txt. I use Notepad++ for the clean formatting and the easy Search & Replace. There probably will be a lot requiring change, so a Search and Replace is the most efficient method.
Upload as you did before.

Seems like this has been an issue for those of us who have to put our e-learning stuff on SharePoint.  I hope that the folks at Adobe can look into Michael’s solution, verify that it works and provide a special publisher or a post processor to transform the files into something that will not choke when we try to copy the files into SharePoint.  Thanks!

oh, also, when I hit the publish, it has a choice of versions of flash.  Are there embedded files in the published files which still use flash?  In my case, the my IT group will not support anything with flash after the 15th.

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