How to motivate a cohort of learners
How to motivate a cohort of learners

Are there times in your training environment when you must drive learners through training programs that stretch over weeks or months?  To handle this kind of requirement, Adobe Captivate Prime supports the construct of a Learning Program.

A Learning Program is made up of a sequence of Courses that in turn comprise self-paced modules, submissions, ILTs, and Virtual Classrooms.  E.g. An on-boarding program for a batch of fresh graduates that your organization has just hired. In this use case, you now have a cohort of employees that must go through a long program together.

The attached document addresses how gamification within a Learning Program is an effective way to motivate and drive a cohort of learners. While Captivate Prime offers gamification at the account level, in cases such as the above, implementing it within a Learning Program makes it relevant to that cohort only and results in effective training and better results. You can use gamification in a Learning Program to reward learners and behaviors exclusive to that Learning Program.

Find out more when you click on the link below and download “Motivate a Cohort of Learners”!

Motivate a Cohort of Learners in Adobe Captivate Prime – A Customer Guide

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