February 11, 2020
Hyperlink Tips
February 11, 2020
Hyperlink Tips
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Quite a while ago i have blogged about using Hyperlinks as interactive objects. Those blogs include examples, but from the SWF era… which is almost over.  Here are the links to those older articles:

More is in a hyperlink – Dropdown menu

More is in a hyperlink – Close button

I used the Dropdown menu workflow in all the interactive videos which I posted here, to create a Bookmark menu.

Last week, a user asked some questions about the same topic. Time to test if, what I described for SWF output is still valid for HTML5 output. You can have a look at this example file, where I show 4 use cases:

  • Navigation buttons
  • Show/Hide workflow
  • Close button for a popup
  • Forced view

I did keep the typical Underline for the hyperlinks (but often edited the color). You will find tons of them. The design of the slides was taken from the Quick Start Project included with version 11.5, labeled ‘Rhapsody’. It always reminds me of the epoch of the Hippies…

No audio, sorry.  There is no playbar, nor a TOC. Navigation is done with SVGs, which have a tooltip (added in the Rollover state). This is a rescalable, non-responsive project. I have created a Fluid Boxes project as well, check out the workflows.


If you are interested, I will post a detauked description of the workflows in a blog post. I learned that you have to be a lot more careful with the HTML5 output than was the case for SWF output. Not every hyperlink was functional right away. Especially states in multistate objects have caused me issues.

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