March 20, 2020
Matomo analysis platform project
March 20, 2020
Matomo analysis platform project
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As a marketer, Bob needs to have insights about the customer’s experience and behavior on the company e commerce website. Up to now, the company relied on Goggle analytics to gather this data. But the company is more and more concerned by the use of personal data by large internet companies such as Google. Therefore they have decided to move away from Goggle Analytics and to install the open-source Matomo platform on one of their servers. Matomo allows them to do pretty much everything Google analytics used to do, but now, they own the data and they know where it is stored. For Bob, it means he needs to learn how to use this new platform

What is that example intending to do? When should the user use such a theme?
This sample file is based on screenshots made by the capture engine of Captivate. It is a guided simulation that walks the user through the features of the new Matomo platform.
• Sequence 1 : Introduction. Present the Matomo login screen and login-in to the platform.
• Sequence 2 : Quick Introduction to the dashboard.
• Sequence 3 : The user is presented with a suite of “challenges” or actions to do and guide the user to the correct answer by providing meaningful feedback for each action.
• Sequence 4 : Wrap up and conclusion
The core of this module is sequence 3 where the user progresses through the guided simulation thanks to challenges that need to be solved. Each challenge describes a real life situation that the user will face while using the platform.

Some examples
• Where would you go if you need to configure a customized report sent to you by email?
• How can you acmes information about the keyword used on search engines by the users that have visited your website?

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Nice work! Thanks

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