May 25, 2020
World holiday project
May 25, 2020
World holiday project
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This interaction lets you have information about public holidays throughout the world

• Get the list of public holidays for a given year / country combination

• Get the next public holiday for the chosen country

• Get the next public holiday worldwide

• Get the list of long weekends for the chosen year / country combination.

This project uses the AJAX capabilities of the web browser to fetch remote data from a distant API. The data is then converted into Captivate variables using the Common JavaScript Interface for Adobe Captivate.
Other advanced JavaScript techniques are used to inject form controls and generated content inside the Captivate project.

This interaction demonstrates how Captivate can be used for data visualisation. Since the data is fetched from a remote API, it is always up to date and can be modified without modifying the original .cptx file and re-publishing the project.
This is very useful to display actual live data in a course module.

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2020-11-30 09:46:52
2020-11-30 09:46:52

Really useful, even for my own country!

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