August 24, 2020
Chosing the best LMS 360 deg solution for your e-learning project
August 24, 2020
Chosing the best LMS 360 deg solution for your e-learning project
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I have been working as a Product leader for many years in multiple industries (both digital and non digital). My recent stint with an ed-tech firm allowed me to explore the entire world of LMS in far more detail and I gained few insights in both business as well as technology segment of e-learning.

I feel that this entire world of LCNC (low code or no-code) platform is very exciting and especially useful if you are planning to launch an MVP. I am working on an MVP in e-learning and have finalized on the below LCNC tech stack for building my solution

  • WordPress
  • Premium hosting with Godaddy (I guess 1000 users is doable)
  • LMS theme : There was a huge debate with my cofounder on using Learndash, but somehow MasterStudy LMS gave value to the buck and is almost similar in terms of functionality
  • Premium WP Bakery
  • Learndash Mobile App Code (available on CodeCanyon)
  • SCORM Open source
  • Finally -> Choice of Authoring tool where the candidates were equally promising.

In authoring tools, I evaluated below candidates till now :

  • Adobe Captivate
  • iSpring
  • Adapt Open Source
  • H5P
  • Articulate 360

My compass is rotating towards Captivate or Articulate because of the immense features these tools provide . After doing a fair bit of research and understanding the longevity of an authoring tool with parameters such as community support, usability,   updates, features, integration with other parallel tools available with the company, I have narrowed down to ADOBE CAPTIVATE.

Hope this is a wise decision as the key differentiator in my LMS would be user-experience during my client’s learning journey.

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