November 28, 2020
Motion/Animated Multiple Choice
November 28, 2020
Motion/Animated Multiple Choice
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.CPTX Source File:

About Project

This multiple project was created using Windows 10 and Captivate 2019 version 11.5.553. The source file contains two slides, the main slide for the multiple choice question (to duplicate and modify as needed) following a slide to signal the end (safe to delete).

The goal was to make an assessment that was presented in a more visually appealing manner.


This project features a multiple choice assessment with 3 possible options for learners to select. The question/text caption object has the following 3 states (*list is a reference and may not align to object name in source file):

  1. Normal (the initial question)
  2. Correct “Way to Go” Answer Feedback
  3. Incorrect Answer Feedback

The source file includes 4 advanced actions (*reference only) applied to the following objects:

  1. Radio Button for Selection 1
  2. Radio Button for Selection 2
  3. Radio Button for Selection 3
  4. Submit Button

Radio Buttons (1) assign 1 to a variable associated with the selected answer to determine the feedback to display  and (2) change the radio button’s state to appear selected, or unselected if new selection is made.

The Submit Button allows (1) relevant feedback to display after learner has made a selection and clicked submit and (2) show continue button to progress to the next slide. It also executes the advanced action that verifies what selection was made (assigned 1; all others assigned 0) to change the state of the text caption to display the correct or incorrect feedback.


I drew the Avatar characters and everyone is feel free to use, or modify, as desired. To keep alignment with the original project, if asked, select a sans-serif font like Arial or Open Sans, preferably one with a light font.

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