December 24, 2020
Best Plugins to Convert a WordPress Site into a Mobile App
December 24, 2020
Best Plugins to Convert a WordPress Site into a Mobile App
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Why Create a Mobile App for Your WordPress Site?

If you check your website traffic, you can find that a huge number of visitors view your website from their cell phones. The best way to ensure that smartphone users have a good experience on your website is to make it mobile. The mobile WordPress sensitive website uses a style that dynamically transforms to accommodate the user’s screen size. Almost every decent WordPress theme is mobile friendly out of the box.

However, some organizations will choose to provide an even better user interface by making their own smartphone applications. Instead of searching the page, users will be able to open an app from their home screen to access their favorite forum, online store, membership platform, or online community. If you want to develop a mobile app on a budget, then there are a few WordPress plugins that will help you turn your WordPress platform into a mobile app. They’re all paying options, but they cost a lot less than asking someone to create a new product for you.

Bear in mind that using these plugins also includes moderate to advanced WordPress skills. If you are a total novice, we suggest using a web-friendly theme and improving the WordPress pace to maximize the number of mobile users.

Since plugins are typically the most open way to build an app for your WordPress account, we’ve rounded up some of the top choices. Here are several that you might consider using.

  1. AndroApp

If you have a tight budget, you might want to try AndroApp. This helps you to easily build an Android version for your WordPress website. In just a few minutes, you will have a testable app complete with the personalized features of your choosing.

Primary Features:

  • Has a broad variety of themes
  • Provides ways to monetize your smartphone WordPress software using AdMob and Appnext.
  • Includes unrestricted push notification, caching support, and personalized branding.
  • Simple and easy to customize

Unfortunately, there are a few disadvantages to this plugin. It’s not compatible with WooCommerce or BuddyPress, and it won’t help if you try to create an iOS-compatible program. AndroApp is really inexpensive for that.

  1. AppPresser

AppPress is very easy to use and has a dedicated WordPress mobile theme that further generates a mobile app for the WordPress account. If you think that a free WordPress plugin isn’t enough to satisfy your needs, and at the same time, don’t really want to pay for creating a smartphone app, this definitely has to be your plugin option. You can use the following smartphone app functionality with it:

Primary Features:

  • WordPress plugin and compatibility extension (this means you can integrate features like Google maps, Facebook login, camera connectivity, and so on)
  • Navigation design as tabs or pull-out menu
  • Creation of custom page
  • Push notification

While it makes it simple in nature, it is not considered an optimal method for non-developers. It takes comprehensive customization to create the software from scratch and really make it function as an app. So, try this plugin if you have the support of a developer on your hand.

  1. MobiLoud

The Mobile App Canvas is a plugin developed by MobiLoud that helps you to create a mobile app when running both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It’s one of the best plugin ways to get a native mobile version from the WordPress platform. You don’t need to create a separate theme; you can stick with the same one for your app when you select this plugin. Even, you have the freedom to pick a particular style!

Primary Features:

  • Amazing selection of subjects for your smartphone app
  • Customization of themes as per the WordPress Customizer choice
  • The option to add menu and animations to your mobile app
  • Automatic Content Update
  • Press notification feature
  • Compatible for all main devices – phone, iPhone, iPad and tablets.
  • Mobile ads and monetization
  • Total control over the architecture and quality of your app
  • User friendly
  • No technical expertise needed for the application to be generated

If you download the Mobile App Canvas from MobiLoud, the team will be responsible for creating a mobile app. In addition, they’re also going to hold it. It’s not a free utility, though.

  1. Appful

appfulbeing compliant with both: Android and iOS, Appful is known to be one of the best mobile app plugins to build the ultimate mobile app. Appful is a SaaS organisation that allows businesses, newspapers and magazines to meet their target markets by developing business tech solutions.

Primary Features:

  • Sharing Native Social Media
  • Reading offline
  • The ‘Read Later’ and ‘Comments’
  • Support for YouTube
  • Editing Live
  • Great pace of the app thanks to caching
  • Placing your own ads in the app
  • Integration of the Twitter profile page
  • The facility to use Google Analytics to inspect smartphone app traffic

You have the freedom to apply fantastic mobile app templates at a reasonable price, which you can further configure as per your choice. You will have to pay a small fee when you publish your mobile app to the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store.

  1. Blappsta

Blappsta is fully free to download and compliant with both the Android and iOS platforms. It comes with a special ‘Blappsta Demo’ feature that lets you test and preview your tests before finally rendering them live. So, long when you build it, you will see how the site looks like in the smartphone app type.

Primary Features:

  • Push notification facility when a new post is live
  • Deep Connection Indexing for Google
  • Share buttons on various social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Flexibility of arranging material for your mobile app
  • Customize navigation and home page configuration

Once you’ve developed a smartphone app, you can browse famous posts, help videos, view your Facebook profile, and more. However, it’s only a fairly inexperienced plugin compared to others.

  1. Web2App

This WordPress plugin quickly transforms your sensitive website to a complete native app. Even if configuration is very simple, you won’t have to sacrifice the functionality of the mobile app if it’s produced with the Web2App. It is both an acceptable and inexpensive option for a plugin that serves you with a range of customization facilities.

Primary Features:

  • App ranking to receive user feedback from Google Play
  • Start the splash screen
  • Various ways to access and navigate the mobile app
  • Online sharing

They also provide you with a video demonstration so that you can quickly build your smartphone app with this plugin.


Using any of these plugins to turn your WordPress platform into a smartphone app will sculpt your journey to meet your target audience. And if you have a responsive interface, getting a smartphone app for your company would bring more traffic, leads and eventually sales.

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