June 16, 2021
Code Cracker – Captivate Game and Puzzle Series
June 16, 2021
Code Cracker – Captivate Game and Puzzle Series
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This addicting puzzle is a variation of the popular “Guess the Number” style of game.

In this version, however, you are asked to crack a four digit code combination.

Features of this game include:

1. Four difficulty levels
2. Individual knobs to select each number in the code
3. Custom LED style number display
4. A countdown for the number of attempts remaining (based on difficulty)
5. A button to choose a new code and play again. Random codes for endless gameplay
6. An indicator to tell you which direction your code should go

Try your luck and see how well you can do.

All levels are possible – I managed to crack Expert with 2 attempts remaining during testing.
A little bit of methodology and a little bit of luck go a long way.

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